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Life is long but the time is very short

I was really tired by the long and hectic day, now it was almost 11:30pm. I picked up the receiver and dialed the Fazeel's number. I greeted him for the Id Festival.
During the tel-con he said that "Life is long but the time is short"

Is that right ? It made me to think what we are doing in 24 hours going more deeper on weeks, months and years.

Somebody said that the most busy person only can find free time.

If world is so beautiful and enriched by the many things that if decided to do then one life will be less. But still people condemns that we don't have time , we are running out of time etc.

The funniest part of the story is we never know when we are going to die but still we spend our life in the shadows of that unknown fear of event "Death" which we are not going to see anyway.

Life is beautiful, we should make most out of it.

Lets dream. Lets love. Lets fly. Lets Conquer.

Lets Live.

No Fear!!!

"You can conquer almost any fear if you will only make up your mind to do so. For remember, fear doesn't exist anywhere except in the mind."Dale Carnegie

Today I Wake up like everyday, still there was a laziness on my face ,it was late last night to sleep. I was watching myth busters on the Discovery channel. The interesting thing about this program was they do the same thing what we human normally do tear down the things or in layman's terms find mistakes and faultiness of the things.

Anyway, So last night they were discussing about the stem cannon by Archimedes. They build that cannon and proved scientifically that that was a myth that Archimedes build a stem cannon.I am learning lots of things from this program e.g. how to tackle with problem? the best way to tackle with the problem is to solve the problem. Also if some things are not going in the way that they should be then we should change the way. If the things are not happening in the way you want them to be, t…


Normally, when it concerned with word Philosophy everybody thinks that its a therotical entity. But I strongly believe that this is a practicle thing.

Any human being lasts on this earth by his thoughts and action (Karma). And thoughts is the root or driving for any action or inaction. Once we change our thoughts we can change our actions which lead to a drastic change to our life.

I dont want to discuss the philosophy in complicated manner , lets do it in a simple language so that everybody can understand and enrich there lives.

Otherwise it will be just a game of words , just to prove who has got a good vocabulary. We should extend our scope to cover the whole man kind.

If we saw all person who has got name and fame , who are very successful in there profession, what is the difference between them and a normal person. They also have 2 hands , 2 legs ,1 nose. Still they are at the top position in the society and other are still finding the way where they want to go. Why is this inequalit…


'Those who condemn politics to be the last resort of a scoundrel are bound to be ruled by scoundrels' - Plato
From the childhood of any person , the atmosphere in which he grows up teaches him to be a Doctor , the engineer ,an architect etc. Majority of the society thoughts that these are the safest and best option of any one's career.

But if somebody as thinking something different then he is a spoiled guy/girl. He/she is not aware of the facts of life. This is the typical reaction of the parents.
According to me everybody should spend 3 to 4 years pursuing the dreams he always want to see, instead of regretting at the age of 50 and 60.

So what do you think about the politics as a career? Long pause.............

"Politics, its shit"
"Politics is not for us"
"Politics, There is no place for white collar in this field"
"Are you mad"

These are some typical reactions from the elder people. But why not? If you are a career oriented then then you …

The Symmetry

Amazing Symmetry from the ceiling of the National Museum at Washington D.C.

Night Shift !!!

It was almost one month over for my night shift in the office. Somebody asked me don't you fear since you are alone at night in the office , also you drive alone to your home. Don't you fear about darkness and the ghosts. haven't you heard the tales of ghost in this area, I smiled and answered "No, I don't". In the night I feel the real truth of the life "the peace". The almighty has made this night for the making or introducing the peace in the every body's life. I have more fear about the ghosts with human face which are everywhere in the day time trying to loot and eat the weak humans. they are so cruel that they even don't think before crushing antibody's dream.In the night time you will see the face of road which is always covered in the day time. you can see the shutters of shops with various kinds of advertised which are wrapped up in the day time. The small street casinos of hotel labours on the streets. The tired street hawkers…

Window Leaf

Yesterday when I was working in office, I saw this leaf on the window and took this shot. Really refreshing!!! Isn't it?

How to Say Hello in Different Languages?

Afrikaans - haai (hello) pronounced Ha-i
Albanian - tungjatjeta (hello) pronounced Toon-jat-yeta
Arabic - sabbah-el-khair (good morning), masaa-el-khair (good evening): note that Kh is pronounced from the back of the throat. mArHAbAn (Hello) pronounced Mar-ha-ban
Armenian - barev or parev
Azerbaijani - salam (hello) pronounced Sa-lam
Bahamashello (formal), hi or heyello (informal), what you sayin', Buyh? (very informal - slang)
Basque - kaixo (pronounced kai-show), egun on (morning; pronounced egg-un own), gau on (night; pronounced gow own)
Bavarian and Austrian German - grüß Gott (pronounced gruess gott), servus (informal; also means "goodbye"; pronounced zair-voos)
Bulgarian - zdraveite, zdrasti (informal)
Burmese - mingalarbar
Cape-Verdean Creole - oi, olá
Catalan - hola (pronounced o-la), bon dia (pronounced bon dee-ah)good morning, bona tarda (bona tahr-dah) good afternoon, bona nit (bona neet)good night. You can also say just "Bones (bo-nahs)…

Google Reminder and SMS

Many people know that they can use Google to store their reminders and can get the alerts on there cell phones but very few knows how to do that. Here in this article I will be explaining how to do that.
Step 1:Open

Step 2: Sign in to yourGoogle account by using your Gmail id and password. After clicking the correct user name and the password Google account will open.
Step 3 : Click on the "more" link. Select calender from the menu.
Step 4: Now the screen will be showing you Google calender. Click on the settings menu in the top right corner.

Step 5: Once the setting page is opened click on the Mobile setup link.

Step 6: Now the mobile setup page will get opened. Enter your country and mobile number. Click on the send verification code. You will receive the code from Google to your cell phone as a SMS. Enter that number in the Verification Code text box and click on the finish setup.
Now you can start using your cell phone to receive the reminders from Google. Just go back to G…


I strongly believe that destiny is a matter of choice. As we know in the era of philosophy everybody have different perspectives of the same thing. But the thing doesn't change.
It depends on the viewer's point of view.
Many people blames destiny for what they are. They think that the current stage of there life is due to destiny. It was decided and written in their destiny to be in that stage.
And they do not have sufficient power to change that. No body can change there destiny. Every destiny is predetermined.
I have discussed this point or rather this subject with many of my friends, philosophers and Intellectuals. Also I got some lessons from the world's greatest guru called "Life".
And Finally I came to the conclusion that we are the makers of our own destiny.
Its very much simple no need of lots of brainstorming. In our daily routine, everyday we go to some place, when we left our home we have some plans where we are going (Destination ) . For reaching that dest…