Friday, January 27, 2006


I strongly believe that destiny is a matter of choice. As we know in the era of philosophy everybody have different perspectives of the same thing. But the thing doesn't change.
It depends on the viewer's point of view.
Many people blames destiny for what they are. They think that the current stage of there life is due to destiny. It was decided and written in their destiny to be in that stage.
And they do not have sufficient power to change that. No body can change there destiny. Every destiny is predetermined.
I have discussed this point or rather this subject with many of my friends, philosophers and Intellectuals. Also I got some lessons from the world's greatest guru called "Life".
And Finally I came to the conclusion that we are the makers of our own destiny.
Its very much simple no need of lots of brainstorming. In our daily routine, everyday we go to some place, when we left our home we have some plans where we are going (Destination ) . For reaching that destination we have cross several blocks, we have make turns. At every such moment we decide whether to turn right or whether to turn left. Based on these choice we reach our destination.
If we rely on somebody to make these choices then we will reach to the destination which will be decided on that person who was making choices for us. Same thing happens with the life. You have to make your destiny in other words you have to make these choices. But unfortunately many people waste their life blaming destiny.
Now again the choice is yours, whether to blame destiny or make one.