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Google Reminder and SMS

Many people know that they can use Google to store their reminders and can get the alerts on there cell phones but very few knows how to do that. Here in this article I will be explaining how to do that.
Step 1:Open

Step 2: Sign in to yourGoogle account by using your Gmail id and password. After clicking the correct user name and the password Google account will open.
Step 3 : Click on the "more" link. Select calender from the menu.
Step 4: Now the screen will be showing you Google calender. Click on the settings menu in the top right corner.

Step 5: Once the setting page is opened click on the Mobile setup link.

Step 6: Now the mobile setup page will get opened. Enter your country and mobile number. Click on the send verification code. You will receive the code from Google to your cell phone as a SMS. Enter that number in the Verification Code text box and click on the finish setup.
Now you can start using your cell phone to receive the reminders from Google. Just go back to G…