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Night Shift !!!

It was almost one month over for my night shift in the office. Somebody asked me don't you fear since you are alone at night in the office , also you drive alone to your home. Don't you fear about darkness and the ghosts. haven't you heard the tales of ghost in this area, I smiled and answered "No, I don't". In the night I feel the real truth of the life "the peace". The almighty has made this night for the making or introducing the peace in the every body's life. I have more fear about the ghosts with human face which are everywhere in the day time trying to loot and eat the weak humans. they are so cruel that they even don't think before crushing antibody's dream.In the night time you will see the face of road which is always covered in the day time. you can see the shutters of shops with various kinds of advertised which are wrapped up in the day time. The small street casinos of hotel labours on the streets. The tired street hawkers…