Thursday, October 12, 2006


From the childhood of any person , the atmosphere in which he grows up teaches him to be a Doctor , the engineer ,an architect etc. Majority of the society thoughts that these are the safest and best option of any one's career.

But if somebody as thinking something different then he is a spoiled guy/girl. He/she is not aware of the facts of life. This is the typical reaction of the parents.
According to me everybody should spend 3 to 4 years pursuing the dreams he always want to see, instead of regretting at the age of 50 and 60.

So what do you think about the politics as a career? Long pause.............

"Politics, its shit"
"Politics is not for us"
"Politics, There is no place for white collar in this field"
"Are you mad"

These are some typical reactions from the elder people. But why not? If you are a career oriented then then you can give hundred percent to your job. So as in the Politics. If you are entering in the politics as a career you will try to give more and more of you to serve people.

More and more youngsters should think of this.

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