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No Fear!!!

"You can conquer almost any fear if you will only make up your mind to do so. For remember, fear doesn't exist anywhere except in the mind."Dale Carnegie

Today I Wake up like everyday, still there was a laziness on my face ,it was late last night to sleep. I was watching myth busters on the Discovery channel. The interesting thing about this program was they do the same thing what we human normally do tear down the things or in layman's terms find mistakes and faultiness of the things.

Anyway, So last night they were discussing about the stem cannon by Archimedes. They build that cannon and proved scientifically that that was a myth that Archimedes build a stem cannon.I am learning lots of things from this program e.g. how to tackle with problem? the best way to tackle with the problem is to solve the problem. Also if some things are not going in the way that they should be then we should change the way. If the things are not happening in the way you want them to be, then you should make a change in yourself so that the things will also change.

So its now 8:00am I am still trying to find a interesting program on the television, normally i hate watching television , but here in USA I don't have other choice because up till now i am not that much socialize here.

I haven't made a friends here (I mean its in progress !!!). One thing I noticed that characters are same in over all the world only the actors performing those characters will changed.I have seen people who helped me a lot, also I have seen hotels with the bullet proof glass on the counters. So every where you will get good as well as bad people.So at the end of the day the boundaries of the nation will vanish only characters remains and the interaction between the characters.

I was still switching through the channels and suddenly I enter into the program by the "Joel Osteen"

And I got lots of good thoughts from this program. he was telling is there to help you but you forget that and you get sink ed in the misery. We are so engaged in the present problems of our lives that we forget the miracles in our past life that god brought. So we should do something to remember that so that in the time of depression it can help us to rejuvenate and regain our powers.

He suggested very simple and effective method of doing that. Just list down all the good things done by the god in the notebook. How you conquered a problem when you were sure that it is not going to solve and that will be the end of the career and you was under high pressure but suddenly you got a clue and you solved that problem. just write it down in the diary. So after 5 year or 10 year when you read that you will come to know that god is with you. God has done this once and it is sure that he going to do it often.

God is angry on those who taken for granted that god will be there to help them and to those who have no gratitude for the god.He has given the example of the David And Goliath.At those times , those people used to have record of all the things that occurs in there lives. They have record of when they conquered the enemy, when they had a child , when god gave them water from the rock etc.

So on the battle field David was having his records of the past life with him. He knew that when conquered the lion with bear hands, when he conquered a bear etc so was confident and thankful to the god. and he was so sure that he will defeat the Goliath.So we should list down all the good thing that happened in your life that will again blush your life and make you tension free.


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He Raje...Mi shivaji raje Bhosale Boltoy Song Lyrics - Singer Sukhwinder

I have searched on the net but I did not find the lyrics for this song so I am putting it here. Hope you will like it.

he raje ji r ji r ji ji ji har mahadev har mahadev har mahadev har mahadev
har mahadev he raje ji r ji r ji ji ji raje he ji ji ji
zatakun tak ti rakh navyane jaag petu de aag marathi aata dolyane fute angaar bhadak raktaat jagude bhavani maata
he raje ji r ji r ji ji ji raje he ji ji ji har mahadev har mahadev har mahadev har mahadev
hrydayat jagude punha ata rangada josh dahi dishi ghumude shiv chatrapaticha gosh
jay bhavani jay shivaji
ladhnya sangram aaj ha bal de ya mangati amha karnya sanhar shtruchya janma ghe punha ata
he raje ji r ji r ji ji ji raje he ji ji ji
talvaar nachate rani aisa petato raag jaga mara jiv ha fule maharashtrachi baag
jaganya sidhant aaj ha shakti de shat pati amha salsalte oth ghalate saad marathi aata
he raje ji r ji r ji ji ji raje he ji ji ji
zatakun tak ti rakh navyane jaag petu de aag marathi aata dolyane fute angaar bhadak rakta…