Friday, October 20, 2006


Normally, when it concerned with word Philosophy everybody thinks that its a therotical entity. But I strongly believe that this is a practicle thing.

Any human being lasts on this earth by his thoughts and action (Karma). And thoughts is the root or driving for any action or inaction. Once we change our thoughts we can change our actions which lead to a drastic change to our life.

I dont want to discuss the philosophy in complicated manner , lets do it in a simple language so that everybody can understand and enrich there lives.

Otherwise it will be just a game of words , just to prove who has got a good vocabulary. We should extend our scope to cover the whole man kind.

If we saw all person who has got name and fame , who are very successful in there profession, what is the difference between them and a normal person. They also have 2 hands , 2 legs ,1 nose. Still they are at the top position in the society and other are still finding the way where they want to go. Why is this inequality, the answer is thought.

Thinkin process changes the priorities of any person. And when your priorities in life are clear you can ignore the other things and will reach your goal very fast.

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Priya H M said...


I feel one should love everything that GOD has created.

PLANTS,ANIMALS&HUMAN-BEINGS shouldn't be discriminated,as we all are his CREATION(ESPECIALLY ANIMALS are treated very cruelly by us,just because they can't speak)

Also i feel instead of reading Spiritual books,we must act on it,because just reading them is no point,by implementing them in real life will be more beneficial for everbody.

Lastly simplicity is important more than the materialistic world we are living in,as we are running

One should see GOD in every object,then only we will have HARMONY & PEACE in this WORLD.



Priya Mayekar