Saturday, November 25, 2006

Life is long but the time is very short

I was really tired by the long and hectic day, now it was almost 11:30pm. I picked up the receiver and dialed the Fazeel's number. I greeted him for the Id Festival.
During the tel-con he said that "Life is long but the time is short"

Is that right ? It made me to think what we are doing in 24 hours going more deeper on weeks, months and years.

Somebody said that the most busy person only can find free time.

If world is so beautiful and enriched by the many things that if decided to do then one life will be less. But still people condemns that we don't have time , we are running out of time etc.

The funniest part of the story is we never know when we are going to die but still we spend our life in the shadows of that unknown fear of event "Death" which we are not going to see anyway.

Life is beautiful, we should make most out of it.

Lets dream. Lets love. Lets fly. Lets Conquer.

Lets Live.


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