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Size Doesn't Matter !!!

Don't be surprised, the above picture shows the IBM hard disk 20 years ago. Besides the IBM hard disk there is toady's 1 GB pen drive. The first computer was as big as two floor building and we have a very slim trim laptop. Technology has done miracles in the human life.
Now you have to agree that size doesn't matter !!!

What is Luv?

You must be thinking why I am trying to redefine the everlasting thing in this world. But I cant stop my self from expressing my thoughts on this beautiful feelings.

The person who has not fallen in love is a looser.I always say thank you to God for this beautiful feeling.

Love is a poetry, Everybody should try to write it. Don't worry about whether it will be good or bad, just write it. As every poetry is unique and the mirror of poet's soul so does the love.

Here I would like to share one wonderful thought from Swami Vivekananda:

True love can never react so as to cause pain either to the lover or to the beloved.
Suppose a man loves a woman; he wishes to have her all to himself and feels extremely
jealous about her every movement; he wants her to sit near him, to stand near him,
and to eat and move at his bidding. He is a slave to her and wishes to have her
as his slave. That is not love; it is a kind of morbid affection of the slave, insinuating
itself as love. It cannot be love, be…


Friendship : The most beautiful relation in this world.

No other relation has the simplicity and innocence like this relation.There is one old saying the we can not choose our relatives but we can choose our friends.

You can not guarantee about your wealth, health. Everything is going to be away from you. The only thing is with you is your friends. If you have at least one good friend with you, your life will become heaven.
I think I am the luckiest person because I have friends who can do anything for me.
Thank you God!!!

World of Contradiction!!!

I was driving to the home and I saw this amazing scene that in the middle of green trees there is only one starved tree. Nature is the best teacher!!!

Picnic Spot near Pune

1) Ananda Valley

2) Maval Srushti

5) Splendour Country
Col Ganapathy
Office: 15 Century Arcade, Off Boat Club Rd, Narangi Baug Rd, Boat Club Road, Pune - 411001

6) GavKos
Deepak Deolankar - Manager
Pune Address for Registration:423, Shaniwar Peth (Near Ahilyadevi High School and Darshan Hall )
Pest Control Associates
Phone -24456331

Shivthar Ghal description by Ramdas Swami

समर्थ रामदास स्वामींनी क ेलेले शिवथर घळीचे वर्णन.
गीरीचे मस्तकी गंगा ।
तेथुनि चालिली बळे ।
धबाबा लोटती धारा ।
धबाबा तोय आदळे ॥ १॥

गर्जतो मेघ तो सिंधु ।
ध्वनि कल्लोळ उठीला ।
कड्यासी आदळे धारा ।
वात आवर्त होतसे ॥ २॥

तुशार उठती रेणु ।
दुसरे रज मातले ।
वात मिश्रीत ते रेणु ।
सीत मिश्रीत धुकटे ॥ ३॥

दराच तुटला मोठा ।
झाड खंडे परोपरी ।
निबीड दाटली छाया ।
त्यामधे वोघ वाहाती ॥ ४॥
गर्जती स्वापदे पक्षी ।
नाना स्वरे भयंकरे ।
गडद होतसे रात्री ।
ध्वनीकल्लोळ उठती ॥ ५॥

कर्दमु निवदेना तो ।
मनासी साकडे पडे ।
विशाळ लोटली धारा ।
ती खाली रम्य विवरे ॥ ६॥

कपाटे नेटक्या गुंफा ।
तापसी राहती सदा ।
नेमस्त बांधली नाना ।
उत्तमे निर्गळे स्थळे ॥ ७॥

विश्रांती वाटते तेथे ।
जावया पुण्य पाहिजे ।
कथा निरुपणे चर्चा ।
सार्थके काळ जातसे ॥ ८॥

Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani Trip

Its 07-07-07!!!! (Once in a blue moon)
This weekend it was going to be 7-7-07, this day come once in the century and we all Adventians want to make it memorable by going out. It is the different case that at this time nobody except Poonam was in Advent.
We have decided to go Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani because the weather will be really enjoyable over there. You can see the fog, water falls, greenery. You will feel like heaven after entering into the Mahabaleshwar.
Mahabaleshwar is 120km away from pune and from Mumbai its 220km. Mahabaleshwar is very cold place due to its height (4500 ft from sea).
Click here to see the wikipedia Map for Mahabaleshwar

I woke at 5:30am (?), you have to trust me on this. At per decided timing Nitin came to my place along with Archit his sweet child, Mrs Nitin , Poonam, Priti 2.
"Where is Sachin and Punit?" I asked Nitin.
"We will be picking both on the way."

We started from my place. The day was really bright and beautiful. We really miss t…

How To Whistle Loudly

IntroductionI found this interesting article at hereYour fingers, washed (if you're starting a practice session)
A mirror (optional)Practice 5 minutes a day in the mirror, and you'll have it in a few weeks (at the most)Bevel: a sharply angled edge which air flows over and produces a tone. In the case of a whistle, the sound is created by the upper teeth and tongue forcing air on to the lower lip and teeth. Sweet spot. the bevel's area of maximum efficiency, where the air is blown directly over the sharpest part of the bevel. Once you locate the sweet spot, your whistle will have a strong, clear tone, as opposed to a breathy, low-volume sound. Whistling is a funny skill: folks who can whistle, wonder how anyone could have a problem with it. Folks who can't, wonder how anyone could ever produce such a sound. For those of you who can't, consider learning--a quick, loud, penetrating whistle has many useful applications and can be mastered with relative ease. (Note: ther…


The Warli or Varli are an Indian Scheduled Tribe. The word Warli is derived from warla, meaning "piece of land" or "field". The Warli carry on a tradition stretching back to 2500 or 3000 BC. Use a only a circle, a triangle and a square for the paintings. The circle representing the sun and the moon, the triangle represents mountains and pointed trees. Square is a invented by warlis.Human and animal bodies are represented by two triangles joined at the tip; the upper triangle depicts the trunk and the lower triangle the pelvis. The ritual paintings are usually done inside the huts. The walls are made of a mixture of branches, earth and cow dung, making a red ochre background for the wall paintings.The Warli use only white for their paintings. Their white pigment is a mixture of rice paste and water with gum as a binding. They use a bamboo stick chewed at the end to make it as supple as a paintbrush. The wall paintings are done only for special occasions such as wedd…


Today I resigned I was wondering how can a employee can be detached with his company so easily. It was almost a 1 month discussion with my heart and the mind to resign. Finally I gave that little paper to HR manager, telling her that I am resigning. The best part of the human beings are the emotions. If there are not emotions in the human life then there cannot be anything. Going further on this I will say that this is the only difference that make human a true human being. But now the question arises that some group of intellects say that being emotional is not good and some group believes that there has to be emotions in the life. I myself strongly believes that there has to be emotions. Its a just another organ of the human body. Back to the topic. I don't know about the others but for me it was not a easy decision to resign from my company. I really got attached with the company and my work, atmosphere the people and colleague I got here. I remember the times when we solved t…


This is pic is from the AvachidGad (Fort) trek. Nature simple yet beautiful.

AvachitGad Trekking

Hi, Check out few snaps from AvachitGad Trekking. It was really adventurous. To see the AvachidGad map click here

This is the pond on the top of the fort.

Sun Rising.....
Old cannon waiting to be fired again....
Another beautiful scene in the morning
Main door of the fort

I hope you will love this snaps.