Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Today I resigned I was wondering how can a employee can be detached with his company so easily. It was almost a 1 month discussion with my heart and the mind to resign. Finally I gave that little paper to HR manager, telling her that I am resigning. The best part of the human beings are the emotions. If there are not emotions in the human life then there cannot be anything. Going further on this I will say that this is the only difference that make human a true human being. But now the question arises that some group of intellects say that being emotional is not good and some group believes that there has to be emotions in the life. I myself strongly believes that there has to be emotions. Its a just another organ of the human body. Back to the topic. I don't know about the others but for me it was not a easy decision to resign from my company. I really got attached with the company and my work, atmosphere the people and colleague I got here. I remember the times when we solved the most unsolvable problems, the times when we blamed each other. But end of the day we had a clear view about each other. The company which gave me so much of knowledge and work ethics. I learnt a lot from this company and now I don't feel like living it. But finally I made up mind I resigned. I don't think so that a chit of paper can detach me from my company. It is just a formal way to say that you are detached from the company.