Thursday, May 24, 2007


  • The Warli or Varli are an Indian Scheduled Tribe.
  • The word Warli is derived from warla, meaning "piece of land" or "field".
  • The Warli carry on a tradition stretching back to 2500 or 3000 BC.
  • Use a only a circle, a triangle and a square for the paintings.
  • The circle representing the sun and the moon, the triangle represents mountains and pointed trees.
  • Square is a invented by warlis.
  • Human and animal bodies are represented by two triangles joined at the tip; the upper triangle depicts the trunk and the lower triangle the pelvis.
  • The ritual paintings are usually done inside the huts.
  • The walls are made of a mixture of branches, earth and cow dung, making a red ochre background for the wall paintings.
  • The Warli use only white for their paintings. Their white pigment is a mixture of rice paste and water with gum as a binding.
  • They use a bamboo stick chewed at the end to make it as supple as a paintbrush.
  • The wall paintings are done only for special occasions such as weddings or harvests.

Weekly Bazaar-"People gather at the marketplace once a week. There are shops selling fruits, vegetables, earthen pots, clothes, cooking pots, bangles, sweetmeats and livestock. "

Construction-"A typical Warli village with a construction of a hut in progress in the corner. "
Cultivation-"People working in a farm planting young rice plants. The crop of rice needs to be sown and re-planted after a few days of growth."
A Day in a Warli Village- "A typical Warli village with huts, trees, animals and people chatting, cooking food, milking a cow, drawing water from the well, carrying earthen pots filled with water on their heads. "
The Rain-"Nobody rejoices in the rain as much as a peacock. The peacock dance shown here is said be seen only in the rain. The rain water is rushing through the streams coming down from hills. This is a forest scene with some wild animals. "
A River-"People filling river water in containers and washing clothes in the river. There are two women grinding grains using a stone mill. "
The God - "A temple with a deity inside. There is a marriage procession at the bottom with the bride and the groom riding a horse and other people playing musical instruments and dancing."
The New Crop - "Warli people harvesting the new crop. In the centre, bulls are walking on the new crop allowing the grains to separate. The separated grains are then dropped from a height allowing the wind to separate the husk from the grains."
A Visit to a city- "A city seen through the eyes of Warli people with roads, buildings, cars and buses. "
Dancing through the night-"Women tie their hair in a single knot at the back of the head. Men and women alternate in a spiral formation and dance without turning their backs to the persons playing the musical instruments."


Had an amazing yoga session today after two weeks of gap. Feeling really rejuvenated. I am feeling again connected to my body. #gratitude ...