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Picnic Spot near Pune

1) Ananda Valley

2) Maval Srushti

5) Splendour Country
Col Ganapathy
Office: 15 Century Arcade, Off Boat Club Rd, Narangi Baug Rd, Boat Club Road, Pune - 411001

6) GavKos
Deepak Deolankar - Manager
Pune Address for Registration:423, Shaniwar Peth (Near Ahilyadevi High School and Darshan Hall )
Pest Control Associates
Phone -24456331



One of the world's most captivating adventures now comes to Maharashtra. If your quest for adventure is unending, give yourself an option of White Water Rafting at Kundalika just 2 hrs drive from Pune and Mumbai. Rafting doesn't get more exciting than this, hurtling down a pumping river in an inflatable raft, negotiating the drops, turns and chutes and punching through the sheets of water crashing aboard, its 100% pure aquafun. An adventure sport so safe that even non-swimmers are welcome.

Take a seat aboard imported rafts with your other team-mates and trust the international standards of safety that is followed by highly qualified and experienced team of Rafting professionals of Mercury Himalayan Explorations Ltd. (MHE).

About the Rafting Programme
Duration - Approx. 1 hr and 45 minutes (depends on the flow of water).
Distance - 10 km on the water.
Rapids - 10 ranging from Grade 2 to Grade 4
Client Requirements - minimum 14 years of Age with reasonable level of fitness.

Please note that the minimum people required for Rafting is 4.
Corporate and Private Event Management
Pilgrimmage - he can check out Ashta Vinayaka - most around Pune, 2 days
Pilgrimmage - Narayanpur/Uttara Tirupati
Pilgrimmage - Bhimashankar
Hill Stations - Matheran, Lavasa, Girivan, Mulshi Lake
Beaches - Kashid, Murud, Alibag
Forts - Sinhaghad
Picnic - Panshet
One more Hillstation: Mahabaleshwar (About 3 hours from Pune), though not sure if you get fresh strawberries there at this time of the year.

You can also check out Ajantha/Ellora caves, Shirdi etc.
Anonymous said…
Welcome to Kasturi Cottage@Girivan, a lavish fully furnished cottage developed & designed by Nilesh & Ashwini Tilak.Its having surrounding area of one acres of sprawling hill land, trees & lawn! ….Its Independent Cottage with yellow lighting, built with Chira stone (Red Goa bricks) & Handmade furniture (Using Natural shape of wood & Kashta-Shilpa) .Located at back wood of ambience of valley & mountains.
…..Hear you can enjoy the myriad moods of nature, from dawn to dusk right in the comfort of your Own Second Home. Which is located at Girivan a private hill station near kolvan village of Mulshi taluka of Pune district? (Located at 2400 feet above sea level & 400 feet above the Lonavala)
# Beautiful valley & hill view. # Garden for children to play and elder to relax.
# Veg & non-veg food facility. # 24 hours running water.
# Dish T.V. # Inverter backup for full cottage.
# Ample Parking space. # covered sit-out (Verandah) with Swing.
# Neat and clean surrounding # Indoor & outdoor game equipments.
# 24hrs. Care taker & security. # Big open terrace for small parties.
WHAT CAN YOU DO INSIDE THE KASTURI COTTAGE & GIRIVAN………..You can enjoy adventure sports & water park ,rock/wall climbing, hill trekking or take a leisurely walk along forest paths………… If you are in lazy mood simply indulge in star gazing At open terrace or relax for hours in a verandah(porch) exploring your memories with a company of hot or cold drinks & barbeque snacks with surrounding of valleys & mountains.
VISITING AREAS NEAR BY …………….By keeping base at Kasturi cottage you can visit back waters of Pawnan & Mulshi dams, Satyasaibaba matha temple at Hadshi which is having very beautiful garden ,Chinmay mission & Tung, Tikona fort & Devraiare. All these places are in driving distance of half to one hour. There are good natural sightseeing points in the radius of 30 km.
Anonymous said…
Aug 31, 2010
Anonymous said…
Explorers and adventure enthusiasts seeking high ground for adrenaline pumping sports love white water rafting. But even if you are an aspiring newbie, Kolad would be the right place – near Kamath Residency Resorts, Nagothane for Kayaking and Rafting on the Kundalika River. - See more at:
Kundalika is not your typical class 4 or class 5 rapid. Nor is it something to brag about as compared to some of the astonishing white water destinations around the globe. But nonetheless, this is one location in Western India that entertains thousands of adventure enthusiasts. It is ideal for those who have not done rafting before.

Tariff & Packages -

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