Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Picnic Spot near Pune

1) Ananda Valley

2) Maval Srushti

5) Splendour Country
Col Ganapathy
Office: 15 Century Arcade, Off Boat Club Rd, Narangi Baug Rd, Boat Club Road, Pune - 411001

6) GavKos
Deepak Deolankar - Manager
Pune Address for Registration:423, Shaniwar Peth (Near Ahilyadevi High School and Darshan Hall )
Pest Control Associates
Phone -24456331

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Shivthar Ghal description by Ramdas Swami

समर्थ रामदास स्वामींनी क ेलेले शिवथर घळीचे वर्णन.
गीरीचे मस्तकी गंगा ।
तेथुनि चालिली बळे ।
धबाबा लोटती धारा ।
धबाबा तोय आदळे ॥ १॥

गर्जतो मेघ तो सिंधु ।
ध्वनि कल्लोळ उठीला ।
कड्यासी आदळे धारा ।
वात आवर्त होतसे ॥ २॥

तुशार उठती रेणु ।
दुसरे रज मातले ।
वात मिश्रीत ते रेणु ।
सीत मिश्रीत धुकटे ॥ ३॥

दराच तुटला मोठा ।
झाड खंडे परोपरी ।
निबीड दाटली छाया ।
त्यामधे वोघ वाहाती ॥ ४॥
गर्जती स्वापदे पक्षी ।
नाना स्वरे भयंकरे ।
गडद होतसे रात्री ।
ध्वनीकल्लोळ उठती ॥ ५॥

कर्दमु निवदेना तो ।
मनासी साकडे पडे ।
विशाळ लोटली धारा ।
ती खाली रम्य विवरे ॥ ६॥

कपाटे नेटक्या गुंफा ।
तापसी राहती सदा ।
नेमस्त बांधली नाना ।
उत्तमे निर्गळे स्थळे ॥ ७॥

विश्रांती वाटते तेथे ।
जावया पुण्य पाहिजे ।
कथा निरुपणे चर्चा ।
सार्थके काळ जातसे ॥ ८॥

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani Trip

Its 07-07-07!!!! (Once in a blue moon)
This weekend it was going to be 7-7-07, this day come once in the century and we all Adventians want to make it memorable by going out. It is the different case that at this time nobody except Poonam was in Advent.
We have decided to go Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani because the weather will be really enjoyable over there. You can see the fog, water falls, greenery. You will feel like heaven after entering into the Mahabaleshwar.
Mahabaleshwar is 120km away from pune and from Mumbai its 220km. Mahabaleshwar is very cold place due to its height (4500 ft from sea).
Click here to see the wikipedia Map for Mahabaleshwar

I woke at 5:30am (?), you have to trust me on this. At per decided timing Nitin came to my place along with Archit his sweet child, Mrs Nitin , Poonam, Priti 2.
"Where is Sachin and Punit?" I asked Nitin.
"We will be picking both on the way."

We started from my place. The day was really bright and beautiful. We really miss these mornings many times blaming the laziness.
I asked driver to play some songs as I can't live without music but he said Music System is not working.
We decided to change the vehicle due to 2 reasons :
1) Music system was not working
2) We needed a heater in a car (We are going to Mahabaleshwar to enjoy the rain :) )

We picked the Sachin and we stopped at tea stall and we asked driver to change the car from Sumo to Tavera. He went back to change the car and we ordered the tea for all and Biscuits for Archit.

Finally we headed to Punit's place in a new and elegant Tavera. I asked Punit to come at the street so that we can save the time, But no. He invited us to his place for the snacks since we are going to his place for the first time.

Now everybody is happy and it was 9:30am. Finally we came to High way and started heading to Wai.

The whole way Punit was making jokes. He played CDs from his CD pouch which was containing very comedy songs. We were laughing like anything. Finally we stopped at wai to have our breakfast.
The nice small of Bhajiya and wada-pav was there in the atmosphere. We enjoyed it a lot.

(wada-Pav and Bhajiya)
What are you waiting for ? Just Jump and fly !!!!
After the breakfast we again started towards the Mahabaleshwar. Just before the Mahabaleshwar there is one table point, we halted there.
We could not resist ourselves from stopping there. It was a beautiful plateau. When we went to the edge of that point the air was pushing us back. It was a great feeling.
I really felt like jump into the clouds and fly. Jokes apart people use this point to fly the gliders.
Venna Lake
We entered the Mahabaleshwar. Since Mahabaleshwar was the summer capital of the Alian ruler you can see their culture in the construction besides the roads.

We stopped at the The Venna lake The lake is surrounded by trees on all sides.
Since it was raining the boating was closed. A number of small eateries line the banks of the lake including carets, sweet corns. It was so fresh.


(Boats resting at the bank)

(Boat resting at the bank)

(Boat resting at the bank)

(Sweet Corn)
(Sweet Corn)
(Sweet Archit enjoying the Sweet Corn)
Sights to see:
There are lots of sightseeing is there in the Mahabaleshwar.
The main attraction are -
Mahabaleshwar Temple
Wilson Point or Sunrise Point
Connaught Peak and Elphinstone Point
Arthur's Seat
We visited all of them except Sunrise point. The road were covered with the fog and the water.

(Beautiful road towards beautiful places for beatiful peoples)
The atmosphere was so pure. I was feeling the feeling the freshness of the air.

Arthur's Seat
But frankly speaking the Aurthur seat point is the best among all the points. If you through the coin from that point it came back again from the Vally due the air force.

(Aurther Seat Point)
There is one saying about the Aurthur seat point, that long ago there was a Authur who use to seat there and create beautiful poems he use to through the papers and it use to came back. (sounds silly!!!)
But there is no doubt that its a beautiful place.

I went to see the point bare footed. It was my biggest mistake. The rocks were so sharp I was felling like hell on each of the step. But as usual I managed the pain :)
(In fog you can see anything except your feet)

Due to the time limit couldn't go to the Pratapgadh. We search the nice restaurant and had the lunch.

After the lunch all the ladies went for shopping (as usual...) to the main thoroughfare Dr Sabane Road popularly known as Main street. After some rest we headed towards Panchgani.

Panchgani Table Land:
Panchgani is the second longest mountain plateau in Asia. We visited Padavas Caves also it is believed that the Pandavas had stayed here.
The atmosphere was so enthusiastic that we just opened all the doors of the car and started the Music loudly. All the people went crazy and started dancing.

(Life is too Good!!!)
Those were the really most memorable moments of the trip. Everybody was giggling, enjoying and living the life to the fullest.
Every really appreciated Punit for his wonderful dance. :))
Now it was time to leave. We started towards Pune again. We decided to have dinner once we cross Wai.
We stopped at one little hotel near the street. We were not expecting the variety of food over there. But sometimes you get most at the least expected places.
The hotel owner offered us variety of sea food and chicken. The quality was awesome!!!
After such long trail of memorable and wonderful events we returned Home promising each other that we will plan such trips more often.
I am waiting for the next trip :)))