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Kinkari Devi

Kinkari Devi (75) passed away on 30 December 2007. Not many people knows about work. This is small attempt for this Legend who was illiterate but she has done such great work which will work as an ideal for literate people.

She has done tremendous work to save the ecology in the himachalpradesh. She realized that many problems\changes in the local environment is due to increase in mines in the area. She fought a long battle against the mining mafia to save the environment.

Kinkari had the honour to inaugurate the 4th World Conference on Women in Beijing along with Hillary Clinton, the then first lady of US. New york times has published her article on her work.

She was felicitated by Rani JhansiStriShakti award by the Government of India in 1999 for her invaluable contribution to protect the environment of the region.

Her demise has shocked one and all who believed in her slogan, “Jal, jungle, paharkobachao” (Save water, forests and hills).


It’s OK to try something new.
It’s OK to make mistakes.
You will learn a lot from them.
It’s OK to take risks.
It’s OK to take your time.
It’s OK to find your own pace.
It’s OK to try it your own way.
It’s OK to fail.
You can always try again free of fear.
It’s OK to look foolish.
It’s OK to be different.
It’s OK to wait until you feel ready.
It’s OK to experiment (in safety).
It’s OK to question the “shoulds”.
It’s special to be you.
It is necessary to make a mess – which you are willing to clean up.
(The act of creation of often messy)

(Excerpt from MAKING THINGS – Ann Sayre Wiseman)