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Arvind Gupta Toys

The Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics, Pune, India
I was chatting with my friend about the mentoring the office colleagues for Social Responsibility. Suddenly she send me the URL I said whats that?

She said "do you remember last time you was went for a business tour and we have conducted a pne week induction for the employees in our last company. Arvind Gupta's Seminar was the part of it. "Eureka" I said.

I quickly opened his website and started looking at it. I was really in dilemma whether he will be agree to mentor the our company employees or not? I dialed IUCAA's number, he has a workshop in IUCAA. Phone started ringing, I was expecting the phone to be picked up by some operator and then she will transfer me to Mr Arvind Gupta.

"Hi, Can I talk to Mr. Arvind Gupta",
"Yes, Speaking"

And I was feeling like very lucky that in the first try only I got a chance to talk to such a high profile man. I explained him like how we are planning to mentor and learn about the social responsibility. I asked him can we meet? He said "Sure". "When" I asked him. "Tomorrow." He replied.

I think those days were full of surprises. I am going to meet Mr Arvind Gupta that was really a great thing for me.

Next day, I went there with very neatly dressed thinking that I should look professional and he should not create a wrong impression about me. I have told at reception to wait for 5 min.

And after exactly 5 minutes a person came and said Hi to me and that was him. But the outfits of this person was exactly opposite of what I was imagining.

He was tall, beard gentleman with a simple Khadi kurta and pyjama. I was really shocked about my wrong judgement about the personality of this person. He was having so simple and innocent gestures that forced me to remove all my so called corporate attitude and style. How can he be so simple? He has been doing this from more that 20 decades all over the country.

He took me to his workshop and gave me most unforgettable memories of my life. I forgot my age and I become child again.

Arvind Gupta is a Electrical Engineer from IIT, Kanpur, he started his social work in 1978. Arvind Gupta is continuously working for child educations from 1978. He prepares scientific toys for unprivileged/privileged children.
"Arvind Gupta mentoring the volunteers"

He said "Science is locked in all the schools, child never gets a chance to play with the scientific equipment.". One reason behind this can be because they are costly. Arvind Gupta makes toys from the waste. Whatever we think is useless he creates miracle out of it.
His motto is "Kabad se Jugad" ("Best from the waste"). He has uploaded 700 books on his website freely available for download. Many of his books have sold half million copies in different languages, he don't take royalty for that.

I was really feeling his energy, his enthusiasm and passion about the child education.
I really feel lucky that I got a chance to meet such a living legend.
Hats Off to you Arvind Gupta!!! I do my level best to spread the energy that I received from you.

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