Thursday, May 08, 2008

Dos and Don't

Email sites are blocked at my workspace because I am working in very information sensitive domain. Pen drives, CD, DVD or any electronic media is not allowed at workspace. These are some of the "don't"s at the workspace, in the same way at home, in the temple, in the mosque and the church there are several dos and don't predefined.

That I wanted to check my personal email account due to some urgent work. So went to e-zone in our company. E-zone is a dedicated computer where all the sites can opened and browsed legally. At that machine there was one poster describing about dos. Which can be done with the use of e-zone, but there was no poster about the don't.
I was really surprised. Thanks to my employer for such freedom. I finished my work, while coming back from the e-zone I was thinking what will happen if there are no don'ts in our life, everything in life comes under dos.
No parent will shout at the children eating chocolates, no teacher will shout at his student for not doing the homework.
According to me the dos and dont should come from the person's mind and not from any list of rules or somebody else mind.
I will make my own rules.

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