Thursday, May 15, 2008

Importance of Cross Cultural Communication

"For those who want something different, something akin to a mini-stint with the Peace Corps, there is Cross-Cultural Solutions."

From the few days I was thinking about how you can increase the cross cultural dialogue and found that blogging is the best place for it.
There is always a curiosity of knowing different culture worldwide. If we look at the history the cross cultural activities are always playing a major role in business, art and many more things.

Many of the violence or hate for different religions and culture comes from the lack of knowledge about that culture of the specific community. If we can can spread knowledge of different cultures all over the world using different means of cross cultural activities then I am sure that we will be able stop the misconception about different cultures.
Every culture is like a signature having its own beauty. We should admire it and try to know its root, context and traditions.

Using the Cross Cultural Activities we can overcome the following challenges.
  • Communication Skills Improvement
  • Failure to Understand an Opponent's Perspective
  • Language Differences
  • Misinterpretation of Communication

Lets Create Dialogue between different parts of world. Lets embrace different culture. Lets learn good things from each other. Lets make the world better place to live.

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