Saturday, May 17, 2008

Nordic "Ting" and Indian "Panchayat Raj"

In our company we normally take trainees, we train those trainees and then we place them in our different branches all over the world. This year we have trainees from Europe and Nordic region.
Just to increase the cross cultural dialogue we have started the session which will give glimpse of the Nordic And Dutch Culture.
Yesterday it was second session of the Nordic Culture Program. Ms. Saana Eckardt has delivered that wonderful session. After the session we were discussing about the political organizations at Nordic regions.
In Nordic region the smallest form of the Political Organization is known as "Ting" .
The ting was the assembly of the free people of a country, province or a hundred (hundare/härad/herred). There were consequently hierarchies of tings, so that the local tings were represented at the higher-level ting, for a province or land. At the ting, disputes were solved and political decisions were made. The place for the ting was often also the place for public religious rites and for commerce.

" Illustration of a ting"

The above picture is to describes about a Ting meeting.

Now you must be wondering why I am telling you about Ting. In India we have a similar concept known as "Panchayat Raj".
On the same lines as Ting, The Panchayat is a South Asian political system.
Panchayat’ literally means assembly (yat) of five (panch) wise and respected elders chosen and accepted by the village community. Traditionally, these assemblies settled disputes between individuals and villages.
Modern Indian government has decentralised several administrative functions to the village level, empowering elected gram panchayats.
Gram panchayats are not to be confused with the unelected khap panchayats (or caste panchayats) found in some parts of India.
It is really interesting to know that wherever you go some things (Or many things) remains the same.


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