Sunday, June 01, 2008

Sons of Nature

Like every other day I woke up and came down to living room in search of my favorite morning-mate "News Paper". I can't imagine a day without having a newspaper in my one hand and a tea in other hand. So it was a ordinary morning and my eyes stopped on this news Untouched tribe seen in remote Brazilian jungle.

Authorities has spotted untouched tribes near an ethnically and environmentally protected area along the Envira River. I was just wondering we say that we are living in the most civilized world. But sometimes I question myself that do we live in the civilized world where so much of crime and equality is there.

There are some tribes living in the wood who have their own "civilization". They have so much privileges to their women. They respect nature, they try to preserve the nature, they are truly the children of the mother nature.

We should not destroy there culture and there world by invading the boundaries. We should respect there world and should build a bridge to learn from each other.

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