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Bye bye sam, But you will remain there in the hearts of indians

Just before the Bangladesh operations in December 1971, the then prime minister Indira Gandhi asked Manekshaw ,who was the Army Chief then, `General are you ready` (for the war).
Pat came the reply from the dapper officer, `I am always ready sweetie.` Gandhi was not unpleased, nor offended.
This was the words of Field Marshal Sam Hormusji Framji Jamshedji Manekshaw, who died on 28 June 2008 after a prolonged illness.
Jamshedji Manekshaw crafted India`s greatest military victory in the 1971 Indo-Pak war that created just not history but also a new nation.
Affectionately called `Sam Bahadur`, Manekshaw (94) was the architect of many a military triumph but his finest hour came when Pakistani forces were vanquished in 14 days flat. And Bangladesh was born.
I salute to this legend. Jai Hind!!!

Symbol of Knowledge - The Light !!!

This is the picture of small bulb in the decorative lighting. What say?

Wari : Religious 250-km walkathon full of purity and devotion, a tradition of 1000 years

Palkhi, a unique feature of Maharashtrian culture, is a 1000-year-old tradition followed by the warkaris (people who follow the wari, a fundamental ritual). People collectively go singing and dancing, chanting Dnyanba-Tukaram in what are called as Dindis (organised group of warkaris) to the holy town of Pandharpur in Hindu months of Ashadh (June-July) and Karthik (November-December).
Since every year the "palkhi" travels by my office and each time my heart get filled with due respect to these warkaris whose souls are filled with devotion and harmony.

You must wondering about the term wari and warkari. A warkari (pilgrim) is a person who makes a circular pilgrimage (a wari). In this case, it is usually from his/her home, in a Maharashtrian village to the Vithal temple in Pandharpur and back.

(Person Carrying the holy water)There are two separate Palkhis - TukaramPalkhi from Dehu and the DnyaneshwarPalkhi from Alandi. both the Palkhis meet in Pune for a brief halt and then dive…


The fundamental phenomenon of life, growth. Every thing in the nature tends to grow. Everybody wants to grow.

The best part of the picture is the pillars you are watching are the pillars of the main gate of the one of the corporate building near my office.

These pillars are never going to grow but they are giving the message to grow.

Amazing !!!!

Understand the river and you will understand a Person!!!

I was having my dinner and suddenly i heard a whistle which is "OUR Signal" to call each other.
I finished my dinner and came to the parking area of my house.

Many time we do this, after dinner just have a talk for 15 to 20 minutes. These 15 minutes talk are really diversified talk. It cover topics ranging from Film Stars to Social Worker.

I hope you understand the range !!!

While our yesterday's discussion he suddenly said these magical and beautiful line "Understand the river and you will understand a Person!!!"

And I started imagining a river....
I just googled on the Internet and found the following definition

"A river is a natural stream of fresh water larger than a brook or creek. A river flows toward another river, an ocean, a lake, or other large body of water. "

There are huge similarities between the river and the human personalities. If we look at the life cycle of the river and the life cycle of the human being I think its almost same.

River is r…

Thinking out of the bottle : Diet Whisky

(Double click on the image to see the innovation in the Ad) Can you imagine doctor prescribing to have a pegs of whisky daily to loose your weight. No wonders if they do in the coming future.

Vijay Mallya's UB group of India has developed the technology and has been granted the US patent for manufacturing diet whisky and vodka.

I would not like to fall into discussion about the good and bad effects of the whisky but rather I would like to appriciate the IDEA.

I hope this idea will increate the business of UB Group.


Have you ever thought about a unique platform where people can come and discuss their views, ideas and innovation.No need to build one, we already have it. IDEAFESTIVAL has provided that platform.Every year they celebrate IDEA FESTIVAL. You can join the event in September 2008.

The World's Most Innovative Companies

BUSINESSWEEK Magazine has published its list of the world's 50 most innovative companies in its issue dated April 28, 2008.

The list has been compiled by the US financial publication in collaboration with Boston Consulting Group.

The 50 companies are distributed, country wise, as follows:

USA 31
Britain 4
Germany 4
Japan 4
India 2
Canada 1
Finland 1
Netherlands 1
Singapore 1
South Korea 1
Total: 50

The two Indian industrial groups, included for the first time, are the Tatas and the MukeshAmbani-led Reliance Group. The Tata group is ranked 6th and Reliance 19th.

The Tata group ranks well above IBM, BMW, Honda Motor, General Motors, Boeing, Audi and Daimler.

MukeshAmbani's Reliance ranks above companies like Boeing, Exxon and BP.

Following is the small description about the companies. (courtesy : BUSINESSWEEK Magazine )

No. 50: American Express
To better serve specific corporate markets, the charge-card giant partners with others such as Web-based meeting company Starcite, to gin up new ideas. Thi…

I am...

I am the a candle in the twister, Sometimes I am the twister, I am the motion of chitah, I am in the lines of gita, I am the begining and I am the end. I am in the leather scent. I am in the morning prayers, I am in the midnight party cheers.

17 Ways to Reduce Global Warming!!!!

Today is World Environment Day.
On this World Environment Day, let us consider carefully the actions which we take, and commit ourselves to the common task of preserving the environment.

17 Ways to Reduce Global Warming Use of Bicycle
Buy a fuel-efficient car
Conserve Water
Inform all your friends about World Environment Day
Offset your emissions
Plant a tree
Avoid Plastic Bags
Rainwater harvesting
Replace your light-bulbs with energy saving ones
Reduce, re-use, recycle consumables
Save paper
Switch off stand-by TV and computer
Waste less !
Exchange ideas on environment conservation
Accept environmental responsibility
Target Zero emission
Give Earth a Chance!!!!

The first story takes place on Google Maps

Penguin Books has launched a series of online digital fiction called We Tell Stories. The series is a partnership between Penguin, alternate reality game designers Six to Start and six different authors.

Charles Cumming published an interactive online story, The 21 Steps, as part of a PenguinWe Tell Stories project. Readers follow the protagonist's travels through Google Maps.

When I read about this story telling technique on the Internet I was perfectly in the mood which was a blend of surprise and exclamation.

Wow!!! I said to myself. what an innovative way to tell a story and to map that story with a online map. So that readers can actually imagine the places, buildings, locations etc.

I really impressed by this approach. What about you?

Eye of the Tiger...

"Eye of the Tiger" is a song performed by the American rock group Survivor, and is taken from the album of the same name. It was released on January 1, 1982, and was written at the request of Sylvester Stallone for the film Rocky III. The original mix of the song, heard in the film, features tiger growls, though the single omits them.

Very Much Inspiring song. It will make you so motivated. I just love this song. You can just google it to find the mp3 for this song..

Eye of the Tiger (Lyrics)

Risin' up, back on the street
Did my time, took my chances
Went the distance, now I'm back on my feet
Just a man and his will to survive

So many times, it happens too fast
You change your passion for glory
Don't lose your grip on the dreams of the past
You must fight just to keep them alive

It's the eye of the tiger, it's the cream of the fight
Risin' up to the challenge of our rival
And the last known survivor stalks his prey in the night
And he's watchin' us a…

What is God?

This is just an attempt to describe my understanding of GOD.

God is the feeling of that almighty power that is saving us from our problem. Its not the matter of whether god is there or not. The issue is of making life better.

If you have your mom taking care of all your activity ,how you feel? Its very nice feeling that somebody is there who is taking care of yourself.

So Lets feel it by your self. Go to the place you never visited, try to understand and enjoy the things created by the god. Believe in yourself ,if you don'tbelieve in yourself how can you believe in the god? Get up ,be powerful, if you know what is power then only you will feel the power of god?

There are lots of points the only thing is belief and faith. This will lead you to the god.

Sons of Nature

Like every other day I woke up and came down to living room in search of my favorite morning-mate "News Paper". I can't imagine a day without having a newspaper in my one hand and a tea in other hand. So it was a ordinary morning and my eyes stopped on this news Untouched tribe seen in remote Brazilian jungle.

Authorities has spotted untouched tribes near an ethnically and environmentally protected area along the Envira River. I was just wondering we say that we are living in the most civilized world. But sometimes I question myself that do we live in the civilized world where so much of crime and equality is there.

There are some tribes living in the wood who have their own "civilization". They have so much privileges to their women. They respect nature, they try to preserve the nature, they are truly the children of the mother nature.

We should not destroy there culture and there world by invading the boundaries. We should respect there world and should build a …