Friday, June 20, 2008

Thinking out of the bottle : Diet Whisky

(Double click on the image to see the innovation in the Ad)
Can you imagine doctor prescribing to have a pegs of whisky daily to loose your weight. No wonders if they do in the coming future.

Vijay Mallya's UB group of India has developed the technology and has been granted the US patent for manufacturing diet whisky and vodka.

I would not like to fall into discussion about the good and bad effects of the whisky but rather I would like to appriciate the IDEA.

I hope this idea will increate the business of UB Group.


rukna said...

:) nice one...
but isn't it a wrong place to place the ads...
wedding cake is usually ordered by females

Innocent Warrior said...

Very Valid Argument!!! :)

Innocent Warrior said...

Another intention for puttin this on wedding cake is to spread the information about this whisky, so female can ask they husbunds to replace there non-diet brand with this diet brand.

Just a thought!!