Friday, July 18, 2008

Guru Purnima

Today in India we celebrates "Guru Purnima". Guru Purnima is traditionally held to be Bhagawan Vyasa's birthday. According to the Indian calendar IT falls on the 15th of the month of Ashada.

I take this opportunity to tell about the concept Guru.

What is Guru?
Guru is someone who directs you to your destination. Guru tells you the truth. Guru does not give you the solution but it guides you to the path which leads to solution. The final objective of Guru is to give you complete knowledge.

A Guru is a person who is regarded as having great knowledge, wisdom and authority in a given area, and uses it to guide others. The Guru is a Sanskrit word.

Gu, darkness, and Ru, light ; literally a guide who shows others knowledge (light) and destroys ignorance (darkness).


Rahul said...

Nice article. Our teachers are our most valuable resource whether they teach a child during the school hours or in the after school informal talks. Guru Purnima is the occasion to express our gratitude, and flowers sure are perhaps one of the best means of saying it silently.

Innocent Warrior said...

Hi Rahul,

Really impressive comment. We can do the things what you are talking about.