Thursday, July 24, 2008

How to make your blog popular?

This is a story of ZENHABITS blog. The author of this blog started from nothing and it became one of the top 50 blogs in the world in a 1 year.

Read here how he has accomlished this achivement. (Following paragraph is the part of the whole article published at ZENHABITS blog.

How Did You Build Up Zen Habits So Quickly?

One of the most oft-asked questions is about how I grew the readership of Zen Habits in the course of its first year (2007) to become one of the Top 50 blogs in the world. I started from nothing, knowing no bloggers, knowing nothing about blogging — so what’s my secret?
There’s no secret, really. If I have any secret, it’s this: pick topics that I know about that people want to learn about, and then provide as much useful information about those topics as I possibly can — and then write it in a clear, fairly concise, easily scannable (because people are busy) form with a catchy headline.

The catchy headline is simply to draw people into your post, because often they are looking at a list of headlines (in their feed reader, on another blog, on, etc.) and if your headline doesn’t catch their attention, they’ll never read your stuff. The rest seems like common sense, but it takes awhile to get good at all of it.

I often get criticized for writing list posts, but 1) I think in lists, and 2) people seem to like lists, because they can easily scan through a post to get the info they’re looking for. It’s convenient for the reader, who is a busy person, and in my opinion making things easier for your readers is a good thing.

Using these “secrets”, I applied them in the following ways:
1. I tried to provide as many useful and valuable posts on my blog as possible. The more the better. It won’t do to have a good post every few weeks — it has to be several times a week, at least.

2. I wrote as many guest posts on other blogs as possible, using the same “secrets”. I made them as useful as possible, with a catchy headline. Those guest posts gained me new readers and exposure to new audiences. If you do this enough times, and you provide really valuable posts each time, you’ll find success.

3. Once I had a number of readers, they would share my best posts on social bookmarking sites such as Digg or delicious or StumbleUpon, and thus I would find new readers. (Btw, if you share my posts on these sites, I am very happy, so thank you!)

There’s not much more to it than that, other than to try to avoid getting upset by negative comments, and to try to interact with your readers when possible.

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