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Jivdhan Fort and Naneghat Trek : Part 2

There are only three sports:
bullfighting, motor racing, and mountaineering;
all the rest are merely games. -Ernest Hemingway

I hope that you liked the part 1 of the story, you read Part 1 here.

Journey till Caves:
Ganesh took us to the caves, we were tired and totally worn out. It was nature who was proteting us from falling down. It was giving the energy from its scenery. It was caring us like a mother. And some time scolding us thorough clouds that don't go into the danger, take care.

According Ganesh journey till this spot was very easy and now its more easy. He has to return home after excorting us safely into the Naneghat Caves. He was doing his job perfectly well. The atmosphere was excellent but we were exausted like anything.

Everywhere it was green, our lungs were breathing the best form of air one can have. Everyone's faces were glowing. I was really suprise that how can I walk so long without taking the rest. My body is totally exausted still I am able to walk. I was pushing myselft, I was pushing my limits.

On that plateau, the soil was covered with green grass and we were surrounded by the fog. The scene was remembering me many bollywood movies.

The caves were around 4 km from the plateau. Finally we reached to the caves,

Marwadi Family

When we reached the caves tall guy welcomed us, he was with his family and little child. We really got surprised by there enthusiasm. They came from dombiwali.

We took our mats. That family was preparing Khichadi on camp fire. We also opened our tiffins and started having our dinner in the caves. After such a tiresome journey food was tasting awesome.

After the meal we sat at campfire. I was imagining about the Naneghat which is the 2000 old toll booth. In marathi "Nane" means coins and ghat means passage. People used give coins as a toll when they pass by this route. Thats why people started calling it as Naneghat. We went to bed (Mat ?) at around 3:00am. :)

Naneghat history

The only cave,a hall 8.72 & 2.4 mt. high carries ihe important images inscriptions carved out by the Satvahan queen Nagnika.

There were 7 (or 8 ?) inscribed figures bearing names of members of Satvahan family, upon the hind wall. The images are now mostly disintegrated except for the vestiges of a few broken body-limbs.

However the names are legible and the 'persons commemorated are

(1) Raya Simuka the first king of Satvahan dynasty,

(2) Queen devi Naynika,

(3) Sri Satkarni,

(4) Kumara Bha...ya,

(5) Maharathi Ga (tra?) nakayiro,

(6) Kumara Hakusiri,

(7) Kumara Satvahana.

This Naneghat royal portrait sculpture, the earliest figure sculpture of the Satvahan period undoubtedly represents the first example of any portrait sculpture in India. The two side-wall inscriptions enumerate the benevolent & philanthropic acts of the Queen Nagnika, depicting thereby the social, economic, religious & political Me of the ancient Deccan.

On way across 2 km long Naneghat there are several rock-hewn water tanks and inscriptions around.

Here comes the Sun and Jounery starts again...

We woke up at 7:00am. I opened my eyes and I was watching at the sealing. I can cleared see the inscription from the Satvahan era. The Queen Nagnika has carved the name of there family members.

In the morning lots of groups from Thane were coming to visit the Naneghat. It was like picnic spot for them. But for me I was trying to imagine the Queen Nagnika and her Vision.

You can see the tourist going back to Konkan. This route goes to konkan. This was the trade route in the ancient times.

There are lots of caves carved in this area but only one cave is suitable for living.
Water tanks for natural water, it taste very sweet and really refreshing you. After the photo session we started our journey back to the Ghatghar village again 3 to 4 km journey.

When you leave the Naneghat you can see the beatiful road to the light (see the picture below)

This is the vally , the caves are at the left side of the vally.

Morning jorney towards the bhatghar
We have already started our journey towards Bhatghar village. Three pilgrims religiouly walking to view and worship the nature.

Some villages had there farms at the plateau. They were working in there villages. The wheather was really romantic (missing some0ne ?) :)

We kept walking thourgh the rice farms and finally we reached the village.

Ramesh Pansare and his medicines on Diabetes and Tooth pain
We came back to the lady's house. She prepared tea and "Kanda - Poha" for us. Her husdand started talking with us. (People of this village are very talkative - I love it.)

His two sons stood first in the taluka level. One was studing in pune in Garware College. He was very polite and knowledgable person. Some kind of aura was there on his face.

While the conversation he stood up and took some leafs from his pocket and kept it in his mouth.
"This is the Morial Plant, if you keep it in your tooth, your tooth pain will go in 30 min", Ramesh added.

(Morial Plant)

He showed us another plant's leaf which good for diabetes, the villagers call it as "Bedakicha Pala". He asked me to eat one. I ate one leaf and after that he gave me the sugar.

"Unbelivable", I shouted. I was not able to get the sweetness of the sugar in my mouth. I was just feeling like I am eating the stone in my mouth. "Wonderful, siimply wonderful".

(Bedakicha Pala)

Ramesh told us about one more plant called "Haadsaandhi", if you put it on your wounds (severe /simpe) it will get cured within 7 days. It is also good for the fractures.

I took some diabetes plant for my Grandma, when we offered money for the plant he told we dont take money for the medicine.

He also added that we only give medicines to people who are really in need for that.

I remembered one line from the spiderman movie, "Power comes with responsibility".

Disaster and help from the Sunil Jadhav

Again we came back to our car checked the tyre pressure and started our journey to home. We crossed 5 km and suddenly we realized that we got one tire punctured. :)

"We got a situation", Nikhil said.

"Do we have the spare tire?", I asked immediatly.

Nikhil said, "yes"

"What about the jack?" Vineet asked.

"yes, But I don't have the spanner", "Nikhil said in low voice.

He he, we were laughing but confused about where we can get the spanner. Suddenly we saw a jeep coming towards us.

We asked him whether he have the set of spanner, he refused but he said that there is a village 20 km from here where you can get the mechanic and the spanners.

I went with him to the Garage where I meet Mr Sunial Jadhav. A 39 year old person runs a garage in the village, it is the only garage over there.

He offered me tea when I reached his garage, I told him the story about the car. He took his two villar and we came back to the car. He changed the punctured tire with spare tire and our journey started again.

Leopard rehabilitation center

Nikhil called one of his friend "Mr. Edake" who was zoologist. He is working in the Loapard rehabilitation . Nikhil said when we reach junnar we will visit Loapard rehabilitation center at Manikdoha.
The following board welcome us when we reach that center.

It says that

You are in the leapards teritory, please follow the instucrtions given below when you are in farms of jungle.

1) Be alert when you sits down or bend down.

2) Keep a stick with you for self protetion.

3) Be in groups, do not walk alone.

It warning it self was so adventurous. But unfortunatly we are not allowed to enter into the centre since it was not for the tourists.

We just had snacks at junnar and we came back to pune around 5:30pm.

The learning from this trip was :

1) Health is wealth.

2) No body is mighter than the nature.

3) You can not predict the nature of the person from his appereance.

4) Sometimes you have to do the task without knowing the end result.

5) For joy you don't require money.

6) Nothing is better than the home. :)

I hope you liked this article on my journey to the Naneghat and Jivdhan. Now I am trying to complete some trek in this season.


Yogesh said…
Dude.. Nice trek..

I know .. it wud have been a gr8 exp for you..

Neys.. I saw Manikdoh board is the pictures.. FYI.. my dad was working on that Dam for 3 to 4years.. but never gotta chance to go there ..

he saw a bibatya wen he was on his move bak to home after morning walk.

He was lucky to get into house as that bibatya was just 100 to 150 feet away from him.. I have been to the Govt quarters near manikdoha where my dad used to stay. surrounded by dark green hills.. scary but still butyful ..

chao ..

Yogesh Rajmane
Hey Yogesh, The experience you have shared is really thrilling.

Thanks :)
unixdoc said…
part was nice too.. but why did you preffer making it brief.. ?
Nice one though.. I wish I was not as lazy as I am and would have written such blogs :)
I will really consider your suggestion.

Thanks a lot,
Anonymous said…
well written..enjoyed reading it with cup of T sitting in pardes and missing des - gajanan

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