Friday, July 04, 2008

Reflexes and Future

The definition of the Reflex is "A reflex action is involuntary and almost instant movement in response to stimulus." (Ref: Wikipedia)

Before proceeding further I want to play one simple game of clicking a button immediately after the click of the button, to play the game click here.

So the task in front of your brain is to click as soon as the color of the box changes in game. But how fast we can click is totally depends on the how strong reflexes we have.

Many times after execution of certain events we realize that we have already seen this scene in our mind before it actually happen.

Can't we call this as type of reflex? Also if by looking at the starting of the event if we can read its action path with timeline and speed then can't we read the future?

Need to think more on this...
[Disclaimer: I took the above image from this website ]

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