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Weekend visit to Tamhini Ghat

Lazy Sunday
Normally on holidays I woke up early. I agree that its totally mismatching with 60% of the world who sleep till afternoon on the holidays. But this Sunday I woke up at 11:00am :)

Last night me and Neel has decided to go out to some cool place like Mulashi or Sinhgad. Finally I decided to go to Tamhini Ghat.

Way to Tamhini Ghat
To reach Tamhini ghat you have to go through the following route.
Pune - Chandani Chowk - Bhugav - Pirangut - Paud - Mulashi - Tamhini - Tamhini Ghat
(Total 70 KM)
To see the road map of the Tamhini ghat on Wiki please click here.

2 is a company , 3 is a crowd and we wanted it!!! :)
As I have mentioned earlier Tamhini ghat is around 70 km away from the Pune city, we start asking right party people for the trip from our colony.

Finally we got a group which of mixed age group from 14yrs to 26 yrs. I was eldest in the group. (Lots of responsibility huh!!!)

But all were the happening people in the group, no body was party spoiler.

Its awesome!!!

We reached Mulashi Dam in 1 hour. We took a pause over there since lots of scenic places were there.

(Child with flowers)
(Sweet Corn - Very very tempting)

We has some sweet corn and we moved ahead, I was thinking that if there is this much of greenery in the world why people are tensed about the Global Warming :)))

(Road to Heaven)

High till tops and water falling from those hill top. It was having a pure white color when it falls down. What a beautiful scene it was!!! I was really feeling like I am in heaven. If there I would like to define heaven I can define it using the pics from this article. It was really awesome.

(Waterfalls falling down to meet earth)
(How romantic !!!)
(Green, green and Green)
(Best plot for my weekend home)

Finally we reached at the natural waterfalls at Tamhini Ghat. It can not be expressed in the words. But I am still trying. Water is so fresh and cold that it make you so fresh to give you energy to enjoy more.

We sat down under the waterfall , it was a amazing experience. :)
Party people enjoying the nature's party.
Another beautiful scene.
Farmers returning home after the work.

(Village in the heaven)

Bhajjiya and Chai
After such wonderful experience our stomach start asking for glucose. We found one nice restaurant "Quick Byte" while returning. We had very delicious "Bhajiya" and "Vada" with Tea and Coffee. I am really recalling all those moments. I really lived those moments very much.

Finally we reached home with a debate that next time whether we should come on bikes or in car as we did today.

I was for bikes :)


nice pics, noce blog. We speak the same language

Thanks for the kind words,

Keep visiting the blog for more pics and articles.

Take care,
sayali said…
Aho Raje...
Its nice to see your snaps which are filled with a colourful moments.
Keep it up...

Thanks Sayali.
ARVIND said…
The Western Ghats are Natures's marvel and very few are able to resist the charm. Me and my friends been coming to Shirdi since last four years in August (Monsoon Season) and I being a avid traveller try to cover and drench our existence in the breathtaking hill stations around. So far we been to Bhandardara, Malshej Ghat, Mahabaleshwar, Lonavala... This Tahmini Ghat seems an altogether symphony .... The pics are cool but very few ....

Neways thanks buddy

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