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Quotes from Signs Movie by M N Shyamlan

"Is it possible that there are no coincidences?"

"People break down into two groups when the experience something lucky. Group number one sees it as more than luck, more than coincidence. They see it as a sign, evidence, that there is someone up there, watching out for them. Group number two sees it as just pure luck. Just a happy turn of chance. I'm sure the people in Group number two are looking at those fourteen lights in very suspicious way. For them, the situation isn't fifty-fifty. Could be bad, could be good. But deep down, they feel that whatever happens, they're on their own. And that fills them with fear."

Sakaal News Daily proved it again....

Today I just read a news in Sakaal News Daily that they have announced that they have opened a Relief Fund for victims of Bihar flood.
Sakaal has donated 10 lakhs rupees to the funds. It have asked people from maharastra to donate for this.
From the last few days people from north India has created an image of Marathimanus as a narrow minded due to so many incidents.
But Sakaal News Daily has proved that Marathi Manus is Indian first.
We are united far beyond the regional boundaries.
Jai Hind, Jai Maharashtra!!!

Memories of the 3 legends : RD Burman, Kishore Kumar and Gulzar

In my free time (which IT professional don't have one), we discuss many things. Among our team Rahul and me have the same taste in music. Both are fan of RD Burman.

He has attended the Music Concert in Indor, MP. RD Burman has shared his experience about his music composition of the "Musafir hun yaaro, na ghar hai na thikana".

They all went on drive. Panchamda was driving the car. Gulzar repeated the scene that song need to be written for the situation when a traveler (Musafir) is walking and he is singing the song.
So Gulzar start mumbling the magic words and he came out with the line "Musafir hun yaaro na ghar hain na thikana"

And he handed it to Panchamda. "Pachamda ye lo gaana" added Gulzar. (RD Burman)
Pancham read it and started surfing on the music wave in his mind and he came out with the tune.

And he turned to kishore "Kishore lo gao tum" (Kishore Kumar)
And they made the song. And it was 4:30am in the morning. In 4 hours they comp…

Jaane kya chahe man bawra...

Just thought like posting lyrics for this song...I love this song.

Hope you too...

Hindi Song Title: jaane kya chahe man
Hindi Movie/Album
Name: pyar ke side effetcs
Singer(s): zubeen

feelin' blue (3)
my heart says can't be can't be true...only
can't be true
my heart says can't be can't be true
can't be (7 fading)

jaane kya chahe mann bawra (2)
akhiyan mere saawan chala (2)
jaane kya chahe mann bawra (2)
akhiyan mere saawan chala (2)

feelin' blue (3)
my heart says can't be can't be true...only
can't be true
my heart says can't be can't be true
can't be (7 fading)

saghan achal sara bor hove
sajan ansuan mein kya zor hove
saghan achal sara bor hove
sajan ansuan mein kya zor hove
kya jor hove...
apne jiya pe...
mann toh maara yeh manchala

jaane kya chahe mann bawra (2)
akhiyan mere saawan chala (2)

pawan purva mein yu udta jaave
badra chanda se mann judta jaave
pawan purva mein yu udta jaave
badra chanda se mann judta jaave
aave hawa ka...
jhonka fir aisa...
toote p…

Ab ke bicchde to....

Ab ke bicchde to shayad khwabon mein mile
Jaise sookhe hue phool kitabon mein mile...

Shayar who wrote this beautiful sher, Ahmed Faraz, died in Pakistan yesterday. He was 77.

Martyr Bhagatsingh has said this sher when he was getting separated from his other patriotic friends.

All work and no play makes Abhijeet a dull boy.

Hi All,
I am really busy now a days in work, so I am finding it very difficult to write frequently. But I want you people to keep an eye on this blog.
There are three exciting post coming by this week end.

1) Girivan Visit:
Last week I have visited Girivan - Private Hill Station near pune. I will be sharing with you all my experience and pics.

2) MartyrRajguru Birth Anniversary
Last week we have celebrated 100 Birth Anniversary of the great freedom Fighter of India MartyrRajguru.

3) Janmashtami
From the above points you must have understood that last week was full of activities. I have attended the Dahi-handi festival in pune. Which is famous for its human towers.

I am very eager to share my experiences with you.
I love you all!!!!

Itihas Premi Mandal's trip to Andaman on the occasion of Veer Savarkar’s 125th birth anniversary

Image Courtesey:
Itihaas premi Mandal, Pune has organizing a novel tour to Andaman on the occasion of Veer Savarkar’s 125th birth anniversary. The tour, scheduled between September 15 and 24, is jointly organised with Raja Rani Travels. The major attraction of this trip is the lectures by the Historian Ninad Bedekar and orator Charudatta Aphale at the national monument. It will be real treat for the people who loves the rich heritage and history of the country. To read the full story please click here

Burning Kashmir Vally....

Swapan Dasgupta in The Pionner beautifully points out:

“The agitation in the Kashmir Valley isn’t really about Kashmiri identity or Geelani’s quest for an elusive Kashmiriyat. It is a plain and simple secessionist movement based on the belief that a Muslim-majority region must have a separate Islamic State. It can no longer be detached from the bombings in Gujarat, Maharashtra, UP and Karnataka which are also about Islamist rejection of democracy and nationalism. In different ways, there is a twin assault on the unity and personality of India. The visible face presents itself in the Valley; the invisible enemy bombs our cities elsewhere. But, as the Gujarat Police revealed on Saturday, the impulses driving both currents are exactly the same.”

My First Class for ACE (Aspiring Children's Education) for Year 2008-09

Today I have conducted my first class of 2008-09 at ISC. I went there to teach computer education but due to power outage we couldn't do that.So we decided to take the mind-enrichment activities we started a quick introduction of all the 30 children. Some children gave the introduction in Marathi and some gave in English. All the children were from 3 different school in that area mainly Anusuya School, Genba Moze school and Netaji School.

We started with the small puzzles which improves the thought process as well as gives the morals.
e.g. If you are the police man and three vehicles are stopped and waiting for the signal 1) Ambulance 2) Police Van3) Public Transport
I drawn a chart like this.

And I asked the children what will be the priority given by you as a Traffic Policemen to these vehicles viz. Ambulance, Police Van, School Bus.
Another question I asked was typically asked in the corporate interviews, but very surprisingly the children's from ISC solved this puzzle.The Ques…

Raghu Dixit Project

Image Courtesy: Raghu Dixit
I first seen him live on the MTV. I first surprised to see his dressing style but when I saw his fist video "Hey Bhagwan mujko tu" I was dancing on his rhythm. He has got a phenomenon style of folk music.
when you listen to his The folk rhythm you can't resist your self from dancing.

His New Album "Raghu Dixit Project" have the 7 songs, don't miss it, just listen the song and it will make your day full of life. Thanks to Raghu. mysore se ayee
gudugudiya sedi nodo
no man will ever love you
hey bhagawan
soruthihudu maneya maaligi
in mumbai, wating for a miracle

To know more about Raghu Dixit Project please click here.

ACE (Aspiring Children's Education) and Ambika Yoga Kutir

Today we have organized Yoga session for the children in the ISC ( India Sponsorship Committee) yerwarda center. It was real pleasure to watch children enjoying and learning yoga at the same time.
There are several advantages of learning Yoga in the small age, I have tried to list down few:

Develop strong, flexible & healthy bodies,
Increase concentration, focus and attention
Build self esteem and confidence
Build stress management skills
Relax their bodies and their minds
Express their creativity and develop their imagination
Understand their own bodies
Learn about, and develop a respect for the environment
Develop language & social skills
Develop self-awareness and a sense of peace.
I really appreciate the volunteers from the Ambika Yoga Kutir for conducting the Yoga session in the ISC center.

Me and Kolkata : The land of Sweets

From my child I have noticed many personalities from Bengal, who were always remained by Ideals in life. Sharda Devi, Ramkirshna Paramhansa, Swami Vivekananda, Subhashchandra Bose and the list continues. There are many legends from this land who has shown the way to Country and its people from spirituality to Freedom struggle.

But I came in touch with the bengali culture when I meet Raja and Soumik in my college and from there onwards I feel attached to bengalis. From my soul I feel that in my previous life there has to be some linkage to the bengal.

This is not the first time I have visited the Kolkata, I was there to attend Raja wedding and now I came here again to attend Soumik.

The two gems in my friend circle. It willl be a separate book if I start writing about there stories so in this post I will just concentrate on the Kolkata trip.

Many of must be surprised that how this guy only experiences such incidents which he share through his blog. But let me tell you that its not the case…

Happy Independence Day!!!!!

31 States

1618 Languages

6400 Castes

6 Ethnic Groups

29 Major Festivals


1 Country.

Today is the 61st Independence day of my lovely country.

Happy Independence Day to all!!!

The second year of ACE (Aspiring for Children's Education) Begins..

ACE (Aspiring for Children Education)the initiative that we have started last year to make a difference in the child's life has taken a shape this year.

This year also we will be continuing our activities in the field of child education.I am really feeling nice to become a teacher. I will be giving the brief overview of the Morals in the society to the children.

I really admit that this is really a tough task. Because morals are very subjective.I need to understand from what background they have come. Lots of things to do.

I am very excited about this. From many days I am searching for different teaching techniques available on Internet. I found one interesting site on the Moral science. You can visit it by clicking here.

A Click while clicking....

The Almighty!!!