Monday, August 18, 2008

ACE (Aspiring Children's Education) and Ambika Yoga Kutir

Today we have organized Yoga session for the children in the ISC ( India Sponsorship Committee) yerwarda center. It was real pleasure to watch children enjoying and learning yoga at the same time.

There are several advantages of learning Yoga in the small age, I have tried to list down few:

  • Develop strong, flexible & healthy bodies,

  • Increase concentration, focus and attention

  • Build self esteem and confidence

  • Build stress management skills

  • Relax their bodies and their minds

  • Express their creativity and develop their imagination

  • Understand their own bodies

  • Learn about, and develop a respect for the environment

  • Develop language & social skills

  • Develop self-awareness and a sense of peace.

I really appreciate the volunteers from the Ambika Yoga Kutir for conducting the Yoga session in the ISC center.

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