Thursday, August 28, 2008

All work and no play makes Abhijeet a dull boy.

Hi All,
I am really busy now a days in work, so I am finding it very difficult to write frequently. But I want you people to keep an eye on this blog.
There are three exciting post coming by this week end.

1) Girivan Visit:
Last week I have visited Girivan - Private Hill Station near pune. I will be sharing with you all my experience and pics.

2) Martyr Rajguru Birth Anniversary
Last week we have celebrated 100 Birth Anniversary of the great freedom Fighter of India Martyr Rajguru.

3) Janmashtami
From the above points you must have understood that last week was full of activities. I have attended the Dahi-handi festival in pune. Which is famous for its human towers.

I am very eager to share my experiences with you.
I love you all!!!!


Anonymous said...

I love u tooo

Innocent Warrior said...

Hey, Please give your name. Love you too.

Anonymous said...

love you three !!

Arjun said...

am waiting..!!


Innocent Warrior said...

Hey Arjun, Thanks for your support.