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Karnala : My First Official Trek

Perfect Plan makes a Perfect Trek!!!
From almost 2 weeks the coordinators were planning for the trek. There were lots of things which should be taken into the consideration.
HR had send the emails describing all the dos and don't for the trek. Very detailed planning. They have asked for the nominations. Many had nominated but finally 47 warriors dare to take the challenge of the trek.
Thanks to perfect planning of HR Prasad and Trek Coordinators Kaustubh and Ashish.

How to reach Karnala?
We started around 7 o'clock in the morning. Karnala fort is in between Pen and Panvel. At the bottom of the fort is the bird sanctuary. Karnala is 120 k.m. away from Pune and 13 k.m. away from Panvel. The whole area is full of greenery. The fort of Karnala and its famous steep rock always attracts the trekkers. To view the Map of Karnala please click here

Happening public and the awesome weather
When we started we have not expected that the trip will become very much happening and memorable. ACE (Aspiring Children for Education - Our Company's CSR) Music Band was with us. They were carrying all the mudical instruments with them. Throughout the journey we were singing the songs. "Wow!!" It was just awesome.

Monkeys and monkeys everywhere
We reached at karnala at 11am. And when we saw around lots of monkeys was there. We have instructed to keep the baggage safe. Monkeys may snatch your belongings.

Adventurous & Eventful
We we started climbing the fort as per the plan Me and Ashish were the leaders who will show the way and Kaustubh and Prasad are going to stay back ensuring nobody left behind. But people were so versatile that many trek leaders emerged from them.
People were helping each other, motivating each other that only few km left. It was awesome to see people transformation in such a small duration.

History of Karnala:
Karnala is also famous for the Karnala Fort a.ka. 'Funnel Hill' stands 475 metres high. The Karnala Fort is of 12th Century. Karnala was under the Nizamshahi rule until the 15th century after which Emperor Shivaji captured it by building obstructions all around the fort. The Moghuls, the Angres and the Peshwas were some of its later conquerors which was important fort in the region.

The fort was finally captured by Colonel Prother of the British in 1818. Its command of the high road between Bhor ghat and the rivers of Panvel and Apta, must have from the earliest time, made Karnala a place of strategic importance.

Two gateways one at the foot and the other at the top of the rock-hewn steps lead to a dual gateway with a chamber in between. There are two inscriptions in the Fort, one in Marathi and the other in Persian. The Fort has a checkered history of having passed through the hands of Muslim, Portuguese and Maratha rulers.

Finally we reached on the Top of the Karnala:
After 2 hours of journey we reached at the top. The weather was very much beautiful. Very were sorrounded by the fog and the greeney. I was feeling like I was in heaven. There was no other defination of heaven than this, trust me. :)
Here comes the ACE Band: Melody Makers
We all surrounded the Siddharth, listening to the Siddharth's guitar. Everybody was singing the songs in the very beautiful natural atmosphere. I can't forget that scene. We forget everything. We forgot our tiredness.

Karnala Trek Team
Thanks to all the people who made this trek very happening and memorable.

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Anonymous said…
Marathi and Persian together, very interesting. your pics look really fab!! i hope to go collective trekking soon too! radhagarima wordpress
Hi Radha,

Thanks for those kind words.

Love and Peace,
Sachin said…
Hi m8,

Do have any idea about and group from Pune who organises a treking in himalya
Hi Sachin,

There are few organizers in pune who arrage the treks.

Girigunj: organizer of Sahyadri and Himalayan trekking

Please visit the link given below:

There is another organizer, Yuwa Shakti near Modi Ganpati in pune.

If you want to arrange a trek in Maharashtra than I can help you.

Love and Peace,

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