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Me and Kolkata : The land of Sweets

From my child I have noticed many personalities from Bengal, who were always remained by Ideals in life. Sharda Devi, Ramkirshna Paramhansa, Swami Vivekananda, Subhashchandra Bose and the list continues. There are many legends from this land who has shown the way to Country and its people from spirituality to Freedom struggle.

But I came in touch with the bengali culture when I meet Raja and Soumik in my college and from there onwards I feel attached to bengalis. From my soul I feel that in my previous life there has to be some linkage to the bengal.

This is not the first time I have visited the Kolkata, I was there to attend Raja wedding and now I came here again to attend Soumik.

The two gems in my friend circle. It willl be a separate book if I start writing about there stories so in this post I will just concentrate on the Kolkata trip.

Many of must be surprised that how this guy only experiences such incidents which he share through his blog. But let me tell you that its not the case, I am just a ordinary guy.

Actually there was another friend who was suppose to come with me but due to some unavoidable reasons he couldn't make it. Many people asked me that how can you go for this long journey alone just to attend another marriage but they don't know about our friendship.

I went there to meet Soumik, I went there to meet Kolkata, I went there to feel the sound of Shankha, I went there to experience the culture...

I can list down many reasons why I am going there and surprisingly I don't see a single reason why I should not go there.

Azad Hind Express
The journey to Kolkata itself shows you different cultures. I took Azad hind express to go to kolkata. This train go through 4 states representing different cultures viz. Maharashtra, Chattisgad, Orissa and finally West Bengal.

I was amazed to see the signature type in each of the 4 states cultures. Now I have decided to travel more and to get the feel of different cultures of India.

Any journey becomes interesting if you start taking interest in it. In this journey I meet Samarat who was going to meet his parents after 1 year, Bikas who was taking his brother in law who meet with an accident in Pune. People from totally different background. But for this next 20 hours all become the culture of only one thing "Azad Hind Express".

There was a life in between 2 Railway bogeys.
I have never seen the cooperation and mutual understanding in between people as I have seen in the railway. You must be wondering what I am talking about.

Smoking is not allowed in the Railway. Government has banned the smoking in the railways. But people can not resist themselves from smoking.

They try to smoke in toilets or in the railways bogeys doors. If Ticket checker cought you then you have to pay the fine.

When people understand that they have a common problem then people start cooperating. Whenever anybody wants to smoke, two people keep looking in the opposite direction to check whether Ticket Checker of Railway Gaurd is approaching or not.

I was really amazed to see the mutual understading between totally unknown people.

Reaching Howra Station
Around 7am I reached Howra station. You can see the howra bridge as soon as come out of the station.
Howra Bridge (Rabindra Setu)

The bridge was initially design by Mr.Walton, chief designer. The bridge was completed in 1942 and open for public in 1943. Cost of construction was 275.00 Lakh. Renamed as RABINDRA SETU in 1965.

The Howra Bridge is a river in its own right: Two million people cross it daily, crowding the eight vehicular lanes. The view downstream from the city side of the bridge. The air is as murky as it looks; the water, more so.

It is truly the pride of Kolkata and a sort of tourism mascot for the rest of the world.

(Morning in Kolkata)

The Bengali Marriage: The most memorable 4 days of my Life

(A Fish is presented to the Bride as a part of riitual)

(Topor - Groom wear this in all the rituals)

(Cooking is in Progress...)

Aai Budo Bhaat
Dodhi Mongol

Bor Jatri
Bor Boron
Potto Bastra
Saat Paak
Mala Badal
Subho Dristi

Sindoor Daan and Ghomta

BidaayKaal Ratri Bou Bhaat & Bodhu Boron
Phool Shojja

Note: To read more about the above rituals please click here

Some unique features of Kolkota

Kolkata has many unique features, I am just mentioning the observations in my 4 days stay in Kolkata.

Murray writes in 1882 that "the fleets of ships, the countless factories, pretty temples, numerous flights of stone steps down to the river, at which thousands of people, especially during the full moon, will be seen bathing, make up an interesting scene."


Tram is the another unique tradition, yes tram has become a tradition for Kolkata. There are only trams in very few cities in the world and Kolkata is one of them. I really feel proud when I came to know about this.

Cycle - Rickshaw

Cycle reckshaw is also another interesting thing which became the part of kolkata city life. There are taxis, buses and auto-rickshaws but for the shorter distance cycle rickshaws are the better option.

(Cycle Rickshaw)

Cricket and Football
As per the other parts of india kolkata also have huge fan club for cricket. But the interesting fact is Kolkata is also famous for famous clubs like Mohan Baghan football clubs.


When you travel the inner parts of the kolkata you will notice that lots of ponds have built. I was so amzed to see the quntity of ponds. It really nice to see ponds surrounded by greenery.

(Ponds in Kolkata)
(Lord Shankara Temple)

Places to Visit in Kolkata

(Eden Garden)

There are lots of places to visit in Kolkata I will just list down all the places here.

Academy of Fine Arts
Ashutosh Museum of Indian Art
Armenian Church Designed in the early 18th century
Asiatic Society Founded in 1784
Birla Industrial and Technological Museum
Birla Mandir Lakshmi Narayan Temple
Birla Planetarium
Belur Math
Botanical Gardens
Dalhousie Square Renamed Binoy Badal Dinesh Bagh (also BBD Bagh)
Dakshineswar Temple
Eden Gardens
Fort William
Howrah Bridge
Hastings House
High Court
Jain Temple Built in the Burmese Pagoda style
Jorasanko Palace is the ancestral home of the famous Tagore family.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post on Kolkata. I missed many places to visit, but next time I will be visiting them.


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Priti said…
Hey abhi, thats gr8!!
Thanks Priti and R2K.

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