Friday, August 29, 2008

Memories of the 3 legends : RD Burman, Kishore Kumar and Gulzar

In my free time (which IT professional don't have one), we discuss many things. Among our team Rahul and me have the same taste in music. Both are fan of RD Burman.

He has attended the Music Concert in Indor, MP. RD Burman has shared his experience about his music composition of the "Musafir hun yaaro, na ghar hai na thikana".

They all went on drive. Panchamda was driving the car. Gulzar repeated the scene that song need to be written for the situation when a traveler (Musafir) is walking and he is singing the song.


So Gulzar start mumbling the magic words and he came out with the line "Musafir hun yaaro na ghar hain na thikana"

And he handed it to Panchamda. "Pachamda ye lo gaana" added Gulzar.

(RD Burman)

Pancham read it and started surfing on the music wave in his mind and he came out with the tune.

And he turned to kishore "Kishore lo gao tum"

(Kishore Kumar)

And they made the song. And it was 4:30am in the morning. In 4 hours they composed that song from scratch.

Panchmada said in that concert that "He was just driving wherever there was a way and he was not knowing where he was going" when he stopped he realized he was somewhere in santacruze.

I was just thinking what a dedication and what a passion? they have really set a mile stone in the music industry.
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Priti said...

Abhi, Really RD and KK were legends of music... i am also a big fan of all of them.

Innocent Warrior said...

I wish I could have born early to see these legends. But now I am doing that by listening to there music.