Friday, August 22, 2008

My First Class for ACE (Aspiring Children's Education) for Year 2008-09

Today I have conducted my first class of 2008-09 at ISC. I went there to teach computer education but due to power outage we couldn't do that.So we decided to take the mind-enrichment activities we started a quick introduction of all the 30 children. Some children gave the introduction in Marathi and some gave in English. All the children were from 3 different school in that area mainly Anusuya School, Genba Moze school and Netaji School.

We started with the small puzzles which improves the thought process as well as gives the morals.
e.g. If you are the police man and three vehicles are stopped and waiting for the signal 1) Ambulance 2) Police Van3) Public Transport
I drawn a chart like this.

And I asked the children what will be the priority given by you as a Traffic Policemen to these vehicles viz. Ambulance, Police Van, School Bus.

Another question I asked was typically asked in the corporate interviews, but very surprisingly the children's from ISC solved this puzzle.

The Question was "In the rainy night four people are present at the bus stop You, your fiancee, Doctor and one old women suffering from some disease.

1) Doctor has a important operation that he has to attend otherwise that patient will die.

2) Old women has to be taken to the hospital

3) Only you have the 2 sitter car.

4) You can not leave your fiancee.

So how you will give the best possible solution for this?

The ISC children are very bright. It now our job to give them right opportunity.

And I am very much sure that I am gonna do that.


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