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Project Trip to Girivan

What if you forget all of your tension?
What if your boss is more than your best friend?
What if you don't have to work, though you have same people around you?

For many of us this may be dream, but we have actually lived this dream last week when we celebrated our project party at Girivan.

Girivan is approx. 40 kilometers away from Chandani Chowk Pune. Girivan is a private hill station 400meters above the lonavala.

How to go to Girivan?
It is very surprising to see the beautiful view of nature just one hour drive from city life of pune.
Countryside is really placid and serene. As you drive towards the Girivan you can see Farmers patiently at work. Rivers and hills pleasantly welcoming you. All this exists only kilometers outside the city.

The Weather was quite pleasant, you can see the greenery everywhere in the road. We reach Girivan in around 1.30 hours.

Usually Girivan is famous for its heavy rains in Monsoon. But in the morning it was not raining at all. But as we reached Girivan it started raining. It was really soothing atmosphere. The air was quite fresh. And it has refreshed the mood of all the team.

After having the breakfast we went for site seeing.

When we were roaming around we noticed a big crocodile (don't worry, its made up of cement). Girivan has also provided different adventurous sports like rope climbing, artificial stiff for trekkers etc. Many of us ever climbed on the rope.

Girivan has given name of different flowers to the internal road. Its really nice to read all those names incongruous to what we read as mainly names given after the people.
At the back side of the canteen there was a water fall. Vivek started trekking on it and all the risk trekkers followed if. One person even fall down on this hand but still he enjoyed the attempt.

(Trekking on the waterfall)

Volleyball and Cricket
After doing ample site seeing now it was time to play. We checked the playground we found the Volleyball net over there. Few enthusiastic people started playing and in 15 minutes the whole team was playing the Volleyball. For the sake of referring the team I will refer team one as Venky's Team and team two as Rahul's team.

(Vollyball Match)

Venky's team won the volleyball match and we kept the same team for the cricket. Venky's team won the toss and started batting. It was really nice see your boss balling you :)

Venky's team scored 45 and kept the target of 46 runs in front of the Rahul's team.
finally Venky's team won the match. But I would say both the team won the match in terms of the enthusiasm and energy showed.

(Cricket is more than game in India)

It was around 1pm and we were having 1 more hour for diner. We again kept the same team for some different game where it was going to test your wavelength with your team. The game was you have to put a ball into the glass kept at a distance with your eyes closed and you team is going to direct you the path and your opponents are going to distract you.

It was really amazing to see that when you close your eyes your other senses starts working. This game was a clean draw. :)

Now it was time to fuel up your engine. Food served was really delicious.

It was really a rejuvenating experience for me from the morning after long time. The same feeling I got when I went to karnala.

After lunch we were eagarly waiting for the fishponds. Fishpond is the print of your picture in the peoples mind or Sometime it is made just for the fun. there is no sense at all :) Many people got the fishponds showing them that how special they are. :)

Dumb charades was another game which was very creative and funny. In Dumb charades a person mimes it to a second person who in turn has to mime it to the third who guesses. It was very funny game and we came to know about some very funny hindi movie names like "Takale ki jeb main kangi ye suspense ki baat hai" Lol :)

(Guler- This is used to hunt)

After roaming around in Girivan we planned to visit the new Satya Saibaba Mandir. Where was becoming more beautiful as it was evening.

When we visited the temple it welcomed us with the special pillar. The temple is really beautiful and we were surrounded by the beautiful hills and the spiritual atmosphere.

(The pillar at the entrance)

(View of the temple from front)
(Beautiful...isn't it?)

(Tulashi Vridavan)

You can't say these things in words, you just have to fill it. No camera in the world can click it and no writer can write it. You just have to feel it.And we left the temple after taking the Darshan of the His Holyness Satya Sai Baba.

I am very thankful to all the energetic and enthusiastic team members for making this trip memorable. Thanks to my colleague who really took initiative and planned each and every thing upfront.

(My Team)


Welcome to Kasturi Cottage at Girivan which is located at Privet HILL STATION near Pune(STATE-MAHARASHTRA) in INDIA (Its 35kms FROM PUNE CITY--JUST ONE HOUR DRIVE) which we give on RENT.Our cottage is lavish fully furnished cottage having surrounding area of One acres of sprawling hill land, valley & trees-- where you can enjoy the comfort of your Own Second Homein Nature. Its near Kolvan village of Mulshi taluka of Pune district (Located at 2400 feet above sea level & 400 feet above the Lonavala)

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