Thursday, September 11, 2008

10 Reasons Why you should leave office at 6pm...

What are you thinking?

When I read this 10 things many questions rushed to my mind. Let me look at the Indian IT industry where I belong. Following are some points which came to my mind.

1) For any task we get 8 hours per day.
2) How many hours we are productive?
3) Where is the time leakage?
4) Where is the life?
5) What is the objective of working?
6) Do you dare to ask yourself above questions?

Over to you...

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Kaustav Banerjee said...

Whenever I need to work late, these kind of thoughts also come to mind. But I do not agree with all the points. The work is never ending process that’s true, but that does not mean you should leave the office sharp at six, not looking your current work status. I believe if you don’t love your work you will not get success. Again loving work does not mean make yourself the only responsible person in your surroundings. The bottom line is planning and balance between personal & Prof life.

Innocent Warrior said...

In the unavoidable situation yes, but there are lots of employees who think its shows their hardwork if they stays late.

I think for any work, 8 hours are sufficient.

I like your final point "planning and balance between personal & Prof life." Thats very true!!!