Monday, September 08, 2008

Aaj Jaane Ki Zid Na Karo ...

This beautiful song is from Monsoon Wedding, sung by Farida Khanum.
This poetry is written by Fayyaz Hashmi.

Hope you will like this song.

aaj jaane kii zid na karo
yuu.N hii pahaluu me.n baiThe raho
haaye mar jaaye.nge ham to luT jaaye.nge
aisii baate.n kiyaa na karo

Zid: Contrary, Enmity, Grudge, Obstinacy, Opposite, Opposition, Persistence, Stubborn
Pahaluu: Side, Advantage, Flank Of An Army, LapLootna: Extort, Riot, Rob, Wring

tum hii socho zaraa kyuu.N na roke tumhe.n
jaan jaatii hai jab uThake jaate ho tum
tum ko apnii qasam jaan-e-jaa.N
baat itanii merii maan lo

Zara: A Few, A Little, Just, Trifle, Wee, Whit

Qasam: An OathJaan-e-Jaan: Love of my life

vaqt kii qaid me.n zindagii hai magar
chand gha.Diyaa.N yahii hai.n jo aazaad hai
in ko kho kar merii jaan-e-jaa.N
umr bhar na taraste raho

Vaqt: Hour, Occasion, Opportunity, Time, Term, Season

Qaid: Imprisonment, Confinement, Obstacle, Control
Chand: A Few, How Many, How Much, How Often, How Long Several
Aazaad: At Large, Free, Independent, Mendicant, Non-Restrictive, Unconquered Unconventional, Uncoupled
Tarasna: Thirst, Longing

kitanaa maasuum-o-rangiin hai ye samaa
husn aur ishq kii aaj meiraaj hai
kal ki kis ko Khabar jaan-e-jaa.N
rok lo aaj kii raat ko

Maasuum: Innocent
Samaa: The heavens, sky, firmament; a canopy; height, altitude, meridian, highest or uppermost part (of anything), culminating point, prime, spring
Meiraaj: A ladder; a series of steps or stairs; anything by which one ascends;–the ladder upon which the souls ascend when they are taken from their bodies; the ladder upon which Mohammad is related to have ascended from Jerusalem to Heaven;–(hence) ascent, ascension
Khabar: Account, Awareness, Information, Knowledge, News, Notice, Report, Rumor, Watchfulness

Don't insist on leaving today
Keep sitting beside me.
Don't insist on leaving today
else I shall die, I shall be looted.
Please don't talk like this.
Don't insist on leaving today.

Give it a thought,why shouldn't stop you?
When you leave,life goes out of me.
For your own sake, beloved
Just listen to this one plea,

My life is trapped in time's bars,
just a few solitary moments are free.
And if you lose them too, my beloved,
you shall keep craving forever.

What an innocent hueful meeting this is
of beauty and love, they rule today.
Who knows what lies in tomorrow,
Let's make this night stand still.

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