Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ganesha of Honour in Pune : (Manache Ganapati)

Day before yesterday we visited many Ganesh Idols and their decoration, it was very devine and spiritual experience to visit these Idols.

There are a number of Ganesh Idols in Pune but the following five have specific place in the collective consciousness of people because of their timed honoured history and significance. These also have the honour of being the foremost among other idols during the immersion procession and are known as “MANACHE GANAPATI”
I am sharing some photographs hope you will like this.

1st Ganesha of Honour - Kasba Ganpati

2nd Ganesha of Honour - Tambai Jogeshwari 3st Ganesha of Honour - Guruji Talim

4st Ganesha of Honour - Tulsibaug

5th Ganesha of Honour - Kesariwada

Dagadusheth Ganesh

Mandai Ganesha

Bhau Rangari Ganesha
May Lord Ganesha bless you all!!!!
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Vinod_Sharma said...

Great pictures. may Ganesh Bless you too.

Innocent Warrior said...

Hey Vinod, thanks for the kind words.

nilesh.bhise85 said...

Awesome picks

Nitin Sonawane said...

fabulous information for new finder. ..
Great. ..

Ganesh Satpute said...

Can anyone post to route to visit all of them cause I'm new in Pune?

Abhijeet said...
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Abhijeet said...

Hi Ganesh,

I have created a high level map for you. Hope this will help you. please click on the following link

Copy and paste above url in the browser.


Ganesh Satpute said...

Thank you very much, Abhi. That is very helpful.

Thanks & Regards,