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Human Tower Tradition (Dahi Handi and Castellers de Vilafranca ) : India and Spain

In Maharashtra there is tradition to celebrate Janmastami Festival with Human Tower. This religious festival is celebrated all over India in the month of August/September on the ashtami of Krishna Paksh or the eighth day in the month of Bhadon according to the Hindu calendar with great devotion and zeal. Janmashtami is also known as Gokulashtami, Krishnasthami, Srijayanti.

This we decided to go and capture the moments of the Dahi Handi festival in Pune. In the following pitcture you can see the Dahi Handi (Or Milk pot) on the top in the picture. People has to capture it by building the human tower.

There are few gamous Dahi-Handis in pune e.g. Babu genu, Suvarn yuga Mandal etc. We visited the Babu-Genu Dahi-Handi and we thrilled with the human strength and willingness to achieve its goal.

Scene 1: People are building the human tower. Everybody was quiet and every eye was on the human tower.

Scene 2: People managed to build the human tower and the person on the top captured the Milk- Pot or Dahi-Handi.
Scene 3: Suddenly Human Tower collapsed. This was unexpected by me.
Scene 4: Here comes the hero, who kept holding the pot and managed to climbed on it. Hats off to him. I can never forget this moment.
Scene 6: May the best win!!! Trophy awarded to wining team.

In the following picture you can see the beautiful decoration by the Babu-Genu Mandal.

The Castellers de Vilafranca is a cultural and sporting association whose main objective is to build castells (human towers). It has the status of a public-interest association.

Its really amazing to see the simiralities in the different cultures. Hope you will also enjoy this.

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This Dahi-Handi ritual is really interesting, frankly speaking in Bengal you won’t find this very often. So before coming to Pune I watched this kind of activity only in TV. But the real fun is watching it live, no doubt about that.
Well said kaustav. Thank you.
Anrosh said…
boy, boy... these days are in Team shirts .. I have only dahi andis is where the guys are only in shorts..

the team t- shirts colors and all ruins the whole thing..
Anonymous said…
"castellers" are typical in catalonia (not in all spain)..and there are diferents groups not only "castellers de vilafranca"!!!
Anonymous said…
"castellers" are typical of Catalonia (not in all spain!!); and there are several groups not only "castelelrs de vilafranca" !!!
Hi Anonymous,

I wish I could see those happenings in spain.

Anyways, thanks a lot for the information.

It is helpful indeed.

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