Saturday, September 20, 2008

Why corner shot was not available with Mohan Das Sharma?

Matyr Mohan Das Sharma
Sharma led the team that killed two terrorists, who were suspected to be behind the Delhi blasts, and arrested another in the encounter on Friday.

The 43-year-old and seven-gallantry award winner officer received several bullet injuries during the encounter. He was operated upon at the Holy Family Hospital to remove bullets from his body, but succumbed to his injuries. The officer received bullet injuries on his upper abdomen, upper arm, left shoulder and right hip.

Today I saw in one of the new channel that if Sharma had a Corner Shot Gun with him that could have saved his life. I know now its not time to discuss such things but we should learn from these mistakes. Because it has cost us a life of seven-gallantry award winner officer.

We are proud of you, Mr Mohan Das Sharma. Jai Hind.

Corner Shot Gun

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rollingislamically said...

Question should also be:
Why flak jacket or bullet proof vest was not available with Lt. Mohan Das Sharma?

Innocent Warrior said...