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My City my Football club : Pune Football Club

As we know it is sin to play sport other than cricket. People will ignore you if you tell them you play some sport other than cricket.
My city "Pune" is not the exception for this. But now situation is chaning. More and more football tournament are getting organized at school, college and industry level.

I felt very happy when I heard about the Pune Foot Ball Club.

"Most of the biggest clubs in the world are named after the city they were formed in; Pune Football Club seeks to be no different. Being a club for the people of pune, the clubs logo is an amalgamation of various elements associated with this city. While the colors of red and gold signify regality and aggression, the ghorpad or the monitor lizard known for its tenacity, made famous during Tanjis (Shivajis trusted lieutenant) capture of the kondana Fort, occupies pride of place. Given the ghorpads glorious association with pune the mascot of the Pune Football Club will undoubtedly bring this army of young, hard-…

Every thing has its own beauty in its own way!!! Its only matter of how you find it!!!

Beautiful Mashrums...

Street Magic

Birthplace of his highness Shivaji Maharaj. (Shivneri)

Jaswand....Or you can call it as "Hibiscus, Gurhal गुढ़ल (Hindi), Juba kusum (Manipuri)"

Toyota IQ : Tiny Beauty

Toyota Motor Corp. on Wednesday launched the compact iQ, its tiniest, most fuel-efficient nonhybrid vehicle. The killing competition and the need of fuel efficient cars both the problems have only one answer Toyota IQ.
This three meter long vehicle can accomodate 3 persons and can give fuel efficiency of 53 miles per gallon.

IQ is Toyota's answer to Germany-based Daimler AG's super-mini Smart car, which has been a hit in Europe and the U.S.
The Toyota has given two models of IQ - iQ and iQ2, and they will both be available by January in Europe.
Pricing starts at £9,495 for the manual, and £10,495 for the multidrive CVT transmission.

Features of IQ 15-inch alloy wheels, heated electrically adjustable door mirrors, air conditioning six speaker audio system with auxiliary socket. leather seat upholstery a fully integrated satellite navigation system Bluetooth and iPod integration. Features of IQ2high-gloss alloys, front fog lamps, automatic headlights rain sensing wipers, smart entry …


Aravind Adiga wins Man Booker Prize 2008

Aravind Adiga on Wednesday won the 50,000 pounds ($87,000) Man Booker Prize 2008 for his novel, The White Tiger.

Till date two debut novelists won this prize.
1) D B C Pierre in 2003 (Vernon God Little)
2) India's Arundhati Roy in 1997 (The God of Small Things)

Till date 4 Indian born-author to won this prize along with Adiga.
Salman Rushdie - 1981
Arundhati Roy - 1997
Kiran Desai - 2006

Heartiest congratulations to you!!!
We are proud of you!!!

Can't live without flowers...

Shivneri Trek : An ACE (Aspiring for Children Education) Initiative

Last weekend we took ISC (India Sponsorship Committee) children to Shivneri Fort under the ACE program.

There were two reasons to take these childrens for outing because they have not came out of there place except going to local school. The second reason was to corelate the history topics with the place where actually that history happened.

Shivneri , A historic monument, where his highness Shivaji, the greatest warrior of Maharashtrian history was born and spent his childhood. To each Indian Sivaji is an indomitable spirit and he is the nucleus of the Maratha history. Near to the fort is Nane ghat to give a great view of Konkan Plateau and natural scenery.

How to reach Shivneri ?
From Kalyan
Take an ST bus from Kalyan to Junnar. It takes 3 hours to reach junnar.
From Pune
Reach Junnar by ST Bus. From pune Shivneri is 95 KM.

Distance between Junnar Bus Stand and the Shivneri is 2 KM by road.

The Seven Doors
Maha DarwazaParvangicha DarwazaHatti DarwazaPeer DarwazaShipai DarwazaPhatak DarwazaKul…