Monday, October 13, 2008

Kolte Patil Expressions 08, prize distribution ceremoney

Yesterday I have attended the Kolte Patil Expressions 08, prize distribution ceremoney. The main attraction was the Congizant's winning performance "Samevar Tali".
Congnizant won the cultural olympics of the IT/ITES industry. Excellent show, melodious music and orchestra, mind-blowing synchronization.

I like the concept of the Cognizant play. They have represented the war/dilemma between the heart and the mind. Its a common problem with all the persons on the earth. The idea of this play won everybody's heart. The actor and actresses who represented the heart and mind won the best actor male and best actor female category award.

Unknown water arranged the prize distribution show in such a manner that it got stored in every spectator's eys and hearts. Between the prize distribution ceremoney there were performances by the renowned artists like Tanushree Rakshit and group. In short it was a memorable evening.

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