Thursday, October 02, 2008

Leonardo`s fables

Leonardo Da Vinchi's Fable, hope you will like it.

The Tree & the Pole
A tree which grew luxuriantly, lifting to heaven its plume of green leaves, objected to the presence of a straight, dry old pole beside it.
“Pole, you are too close to me. Can you not move further away?”
The pole pretended not to hear and made no reply.
Then the tree turned to the thorn hedge surrounding it.
“Hedge, can you not go somehwere else? You irritate me.”
The hedge pretended not to hear, and made no reply.
“Beautiful tree,” said a lizard, raising his wise little head to look up at the tree, “do you not see that the pole is holding you up straight? Do you not realise that the hedge is protecting you from bad company?”

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