Friday, October 24, 2008

My City my Football club : Pune Football Club

As we know it is sin to play sport other than cricket. People will ignore you if you tell them you play some sport other than cricket.
My city "Pune" is not the exception for this. But now situation is chaning. More and more football tournament are getting organized at school, college and industry level.

I felt very happy when I heard about the Pune Foot Ball Club.

"Most of the biggest clubs in the world are named after the city they were formed in; Pune Football Club seeks to be no different. Being a club for the people of pune, the clubs logo is an amalgamation of various elements associated with this city. While the colors of red and gold signify regality and aggression, the ghorpad or the monitor lizard known for its tenacity, made famous during Tanjis (Shivajis trusted lieutenant) capture of the kondana Fort, occupies pride of place. Given the ghorpads glorious association with pune the mascot of the Pune Football Club will undoubtedly bring this army of young, hard- working and exceptionally talented players the very success that it brought earlier to shivaji and his troops. "

My best wished to PFC. Please click here to visit PFC official website.

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