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Shivneri Trek : An ACE (Aspiring for Children Education) Initiative

Last weekend we took ISC (India Sponsorship Committee) children to Shivneri Fort under the ACE program.

There were two reasons to take these childrens for outing because they have not came out of there place except going to local school. The second reason was to corelate the history topics with the place where actually that history happened.

Shivneri , A historic monument, where his highness Shivaji, the greatest warrior of Maharashtrian history was born and spent his childhood. To each Indian Sivaji is an indomitable spirit and he is the nucleus of the Maratha history. Near to the fort is Nane ghat to give a great view of Konkan Plateau and natural scenery.

How to reach Shivneri ?
From Kalyan
Take an ST bus from Kalyan to Junnar. It takes 3 hours to reach junnar.
From Pune
Reach Junnar by ST Bus. From pune Shivneri is 95 KM.

Distance between Junnar Bus Stand and the Shivneri is 2 KM by road.

The Seven Doors

Maha Darwaza

Parvangicha Darwaza

Hatti Darwaza

Peer Darwaza

Shipai Darwaza

Phatak Darwaza

Kulambkat Darwaza

Shivai Mandir

Shivai is the goddess of shivneri fort.Her Highness Jijamata named Shivaji Maharaj after the Goddess Shivai. This is the only southfacing Goddess temple in India.People says that Goddess Shivai is south facing beacause Bhimashankar (Lord shiva) is in the South of the Shivneri.

Satvahan Caves

Ambar Khana

This place is used to keep grains and food products. This place can store huge amount of grains.

Ganga Jamuna Water Cisterns

These water cisterns are located behind the shivkunj. One can drink this water, its clink and cool. There are more than 10 water tanks on the Shivenri fort.

Shiv - Janamasthan (The Birth Place of Shivaji Maharaj)

This is the place on the fort where His highness Shivaji Maharaj borned. This is place is also known as shivmandir.

Badami Houd
This is a monument constructed by the state goverment, in honor of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.


In ancient times this steep edge is used to trow down the ciminals as a punishment.
Koli Memorial
This structure is built in the memory of thousands of brave koli soldiers killed by Mughals in 1650.

Kamani Masjid
In front of the Shivkunj there is a Mosque known as Kamani Masjid.

Shree Vighneshwar Ganesh of Ozar
After leaving Junnar we decided to visit Shree Vighneshwar Ganesh of Ozar.

Mythological Story
Mythological Story There was a king named Abhinandan who had a desire to become Indra for which he started a Yadnya. When Lord Indra came to know about this through Narad Muni, Lord Indra created a Kaalpurush and named him Vighnasur and asked him to destroy the Yadnya of Abhinandan. The Vighnasur did as the same to do as was ask by Lord Indra. But he also tried to destroy all other religious things. All Gods seeked help from Lord Ganesh who promised them to kill Vighnasur. Lord Ganesha took birth at Rushi Parshwaputra and his wife Deepvatsala's home. Then he fought with Vighnasur. Vighnasur lost and asked Lord Ganesh tell me what can I do for it. Lord Ganesha said, " I will free you only if you promise me that you will not trouble any person who is praying me. Vighnasur said it will be done, but Lord Ganesha holds the name as Vighneshwar so that before taking your name the people will remember me. Lord Ganesha said Tathasstu, and Lord Ganesha stayed at the place where all this happened.

About Idol and Temple
Temple & Idol The temple faces towards east. The Bhaldar And Chopdar i.e. guards statue are at main gate. When you enter through the gate you will find the Idol of Mouse in Marble. The Shikhar and Kalas of Temple are in Gold. The idol of Lord Vighneshwar is faced towards East and trunk is turned towards left & it is in asanmandi position. Gems and Diamonds are fitted in eyes and navel. Riddhi and Siddhi's statue are besides main Idol.

Other Place to visit near Shivneri
Shree Vighneshwar Ganesh of Ozar

Girijatmaj Ganesh of Lenyadri


Malshej Ghat

Harishchandragad Fort

Jivdhan Fort

Hadsar Fort

Chawad Fort
Meterwave Radio Telescope Facility

To read more about the Maratha history please click here to read a book by Milind Gunaji.

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