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NASA's new baby : Axel Robot

The Axel rover. Credit: NASA
The rover, being developed by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory and researchers at the California Institute of Technology, uses only three actuators: one to control each of its two wheels and a third to control the lever. This allows it to operate upside down and right side up, turn in place, and follow difficult paths. The lever has a scoop for gathering scientific data and can adjust its two stereo cameras by as much as 360 degrees.

You can see the video demonstration here .

Eureka, Eureka!!!

I just stand up from my chair shouting Eureka, Eureka!!!

Everybody started starring at me, like what happened to this guy?

But it was only me who was knowing the intensity of joy!! From the last 3 days 3 members of my team were struggling day and night with one issue in Share Point Server and it was not getting solved and we were having a demo scheduled next week. So the pressure was increasing day by day.

And today I was talking on phone with my friend at the same time surfing the net (you know my multitasking skills) and within one shot that problem got solved. can you believe this?

Why these type of ideas does not come at the starting of work? I read somewhere that if I got the ideas at the work time instead of in the bed at midnight I will do miracles.

Anyways!!! Now I one thing I know that I am going to spend this weekend rocking!!!