Friday, April 10, 2009

ISC Summer Camp Preparation

The first letter home:
Dear Mom and Dad,

I hate being here. The counselors expect us to cook and keep everything clean. Before dinner we have to say something about what happened that day. It's stupid. I had to hike to the top of a mountain when I didn't want to. I want to come home — now!

Your daughter

The last letter home:
Dear Mom and Dad,

This summer changed my life. Before, I always called the shots, but not here. Everyone is supportive and accepts me for the real me, not the pretend me. I can't wait to come back next summer and climb more mountains.

Your loving daughter

While the letter above is fictitious, it’s based on real events. Unlike the perceptible advantages that children gain from summer programs, the intangible advantages are harder to pin down.

In conjunction with home and school, summer programs are one of the many building blocks that create an adult. And while few children realize how much they've been influenced by their summer experiences, as adults they often see how their lives were enriched and layers were added to their development.

I can't believe that it has been a year for the summer camp, the freshness of those memories are still delighting me.

When we were planning for the summer camp the idea was to make children experience new things, make new friends, and do it without ever realizing they are supposed to be learning.

There were variety of different activities suggested by ACE volunteers. Some people went to ISC to decorate the building for the summer camp, ACE band used their passion for music to make children understand the importance of art in life. Prajakata and other volunteers showed children different varieties of dance. Few volunteers accompanied those young "mf hussein" into world of colors.

We have also invited Magician Jadugaar Raghuveer, children were really fascinated by the magic tricks shown.
The ACE volunteer's enthusiasm made it a real success by providing a fun, yet intellectually challenging, environment to ISC children.

And it was not the end, the exciting part is from 20Th April we are planning Summer Camp 2009 at ISC and the gala has already started. The exciting ideas for this years are acting workshop, puppet show, dwarf, training on fire extinguishing and bomb detection from PMC, movie screening, yoga, visiting museum and collage making....there are lot more activities.

Summer camp provides and opportunity to children to try out new things and so for the ACE volunteers. I never done diya painting or thumb impression greeting card till last year. Its all about exploring new things....wanna join!!!!

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