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Hailing towards A R Rahman....

Its 12:50am now, I just came from the "Jai Ho" A R Rahman live in concert.
We love you Rahman!!!!
You gave us life time memories which we will cherish...and will proudly tell the stories to our grand children.
You made us made us love innocence made us respect you....
lots to say...lots to speak..but we don't have the caliber to speak about you...
You are miracle...


Why people fight on unecessary things? Why they don't know that every person need his own space?

Don't intrude in it....please don't intrude in it.

I need a break....

now its my 5th day that I am going home by 11:oo0m, I am really really exausted and I still am pushing myself. Today Also it will be late around 10:30pm.

I am hoping that tomorrow I will be at home (finger crossed).

I really need a break.....

Barcelona...Barcelona ...Barcelona

And I won the bet with my friend. He is a die hard Manchester follower. If you look at my sports passion its not about following which team wins who lost who made the maximum goals but its about playing the game.

I hate merely talking about something and not doing it. As we see in many sports like cricket, soccer that there are forums who keep discussing about the game but do not play it. Fish!!!

Anyways...for now I am happy because Barcelona won the champion league.

See you guys!!!

Champion League 2009 Finale.....Count down begun

Finger crossed for the Champion League 2009 Finale at Roma, Rome.
Tommorrow wednesday at 11:15pm IST.

The 2009 UEFA Champions League Final will be the final match of the 2008–09 UEFA Champions League, the 54th season of the UEFA Champions League football tournament and the 17th since it was renamed from the European Champion Clubs' Cup.

The finale will be played between Manchester United and Barcelona.

Total Matches Played between Man U and Barcelona = 9
UEFA Cup Winners' Cup = 3
UEFA Champions League = 6
Man U won = 3
Bacelona won = 2
Draw = 4

We planned to gather at Rahul's place with all the football freaks together.......
can you imagine it?......:)

krushnaa Patil Gave me the feel of "Amachi Mati Amachi Manase"

After the euphoria of the election is over, sky again filled with the colors of victoy by a 19 years old girl krushnaa Patil from Pune. She has conquered the world's highest mountain peak "Mount Everest".

And the best thing is that she has blogged her journey in detail on her blog.

She is on her way to come back to base camp.

Best of luck krushnaa....Come back soon...we are waiting for you!!!