Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Champion League 2009 Finale.....Count down begun

Finger crossed for the Champion League 2009 Finale at Roma, Rome.
Tommorrow wednesday at 11:15pm IST.

The 2009 UEFA Champions League Final will be the final match of the 2008–09 UEFA Champions League, the 54th season of the UEFA Champions League football tournament and the 17th since it was renamed from the European Champion Clubs' Cup.

The finale will be played between Manchester United and Barcelona.

Total Matches Played between Man U and Barcelona = 9
UEFA Cup Winners' Cup = 3
UEFA Champions League = 6
Man U won = 3
Bacelona won = 2
Draw = 4

We planned to gather at Rahul's place with all the football freaks together.......
can you imagine it?......:)

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