Thursday, June 04, 2009

Australia - Tending towards Racism

Raj Thackeray don't want Biharis in Maharashtra who are trying to change the local culture. And now there are attacks on Indian people in Australia. But it is very important that what the root cause of both of these attacks is?

From the ancient time racism exist in the different forms. Some time is based on color; some times it is based on creed. But now in the 21st century where we are saying ourselves open minded. Are they ("Ausies") thinking that Indians are stealing their jobs or they are thinking that we don't deserve to be in there country. What rubbish!!! Govt of Australia itself is trying to attract the youth to settle down in Australia. The percentage of old age people is increasing in Australia and if it continues there won't be any people in Australia. So Govt is trying to increase the birthrate, it is trying to attract the youth from other countries.

What can be the motive of these attacks Racism or Job Security? But how the major victims are the students instead of professionals? Indians are always peace loving people and therefore they are soft targets for these kinds of attacks very few of the affected actually go to the police. so many of these incidents do not come out.

Anyways Australia has a brief history of Racism, it has uncovered in Olympics and cricket.

But strangely when I asked my friends in Australia that what is the truth, they said "Its media hype, the occurrence of such incidents are very negligible".

I am just recalling the words of Rahman in his live in concert when he spoke about his song "Rehana Tu from Delhi 6". "The main character from this movie is half Hindu and half Muslim, his mother was Muslim and his father was Hindu. So neither of his families are ready to accept him." He further added "I was just thinking why can't we love the person as he is instead of trying to change him." And this was the inspiration for the song "Rehana Tu hai hai jaisa tu means be as you are".

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