Thursday, June 18, 2009

Back from Nashik...

got a break after a long time. Yesterday I went to Nashik to attend Ashish's Marriage. Ashish is my office colleague. Volvo buses has been started from Pune to Nashik so the Journey was quite comfortable. It was journey of me and Honorable Kishori Amonkar's Maalkauns. Maalkauns Rocks. Whenever I am in journey I try to play the classical raga suitable for that time. Since it was 12:00am I selected Maalkauns, the king of all ragas.

It took me to Nashik in just 3.30 hours. I started from pune at 12:00am and I reached Nashik by 3:30am. When I reached Nashik. Nobody was there (I mean no rickshaw was there or someone to ask the address). I could have called Ashish or other friends who reached there one day before me. But I thought lets find out by our own. After a long wait one two wheeler came and that guy aka god took me to the destination.

The marriage was real fun. Sometimes I agree that person can not leave without a social contacts. It gave you the energy to live more, fight more, grow more. Ashish and Sonika is a beatiful couple. God bless them. Amen!!!

There were plans to visit "Pandavleni", "Kalaram Mandir", "Gurukul Peeth", "Panchvati", "Trambakeshwar". But couldn't manage it.

Next time we are planning to go to Nashik only to visit these beautiful places.

(Due to Nashik trip I missed Waari which came yesterday to Pune)

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aniruddha g. kulkarni said...

don't miss pandav-leni even if they have nothing to do with Pandavas.


Read this:

Innocent Warrior said...

Thanks Aniruddha for visiting my blog!!!


sheetal lakhani said...

hey thanks for Sharing your wonder full experience about nashik. I have been staying in nashik since my childhood. Also would surely like to take you around next time when your here in town and show u all the places you have missed in your first trip.
Take care cheers!

Innocent Warrior said...

Hey Sheetal,
Thanks a lot for visiting my blog.
I will sure take your help, next time I visit your city.

Thanks again,